Thermaltake V100 Review

Thermaltake has long been a name to be reckoned with when it comes to designing and manufacturing some of the best PC cases and cooling components in the world. The company has been around for more than two decades, offering a wide range of products, including gaming gear, power supplies, and peripherals.

The Thermaltake V100 is a PC tower that features a sleek, stylish design with an aggressive look. It also comes with one pre-installed 120mm fan, giving it excellent cooling performance.


Brand Thermaltake
Cooling Method Water, Air
Motherboard Compatability ATX
Case Type Mid Tower
Item Weight ‎12 pounds

Price at Amazon

About This Item:

  • V100 offers a bold and sleek design
  • Thermaltake V100 is a budget-friendly case
  • Includes Expansion slot VGA of up to 400mm in length
  • Its tidy look offers better airflow

Thermaltake V100 is made out of steel and tempered glass which gives it an elegant and modern look. It features one pre-installed fan to give you excellent cooling performance and an expansion slot for installing your high-end graphics cards or other expansion cards such as sound cards, network cards, and more.

The Thermaltake V100 is a mid-tower chassis that offers a well-designed interior for your PC components.
This case comes in black colors. It is made of steel and plastic with a steel mesh to allow for optimal airflow. The V100 supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboards and has seven expansion slots.

The Thermaltake V100 is an excellent choice for those who want a stylish case to house their PC components with plenty of features at an affordable price point.

What Does The Thermaltake V100 Offer Users?

The Thermaltake V100 is a compact PC that offers users a multitude of benefits. One of the most important benefits is the ability to use any graphics card, which opens up a wide range of options for gamers.

The Thermaltake V100 is an affordable computer that offers many features for gamers and other users alike. The V100 has an easy-to-open side panel and comes with a variety of ports, including USB 3.0 and HDMI ports.

It also has two 120mm fans that are controlled by the user, allowing them to adjust the cooling as needed.
While the Thermaltake V100 does not offer some features like RGB lighting, it does offer plenty of other features that make it worth considering for your next build or purchase!

Thermaltake V100 Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The V100 is a gaming tower that is designed for those who want to take their gaming experience to the next level.

The Good: The design of the V100 is sleek and sophisticated. It has a transparent window so you can see your components and how well they are functioning.

The Bad: There are only three USB ports on the front of the tower, which can be an inconvenience for some people.

The Ugly: The Thermaltake V100 is not very affordable, but it does offer great features that make it worth the price.

Performance Issues with The Thermaltake V100?

One of the first things to do is to confirm that your graphics card is getting the power it needs. You can do this by checking the power supply cables and making sure that they are connected correctly.

The V100 has a total of four 8-pin ATX connectors which should be enough for most gaming computers. However, if you are using a high-end graphics card or have an overclocked CPU, you may need more power connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Thermaltake V100 pc case?

Thermaltake is a company that sells PC cases worldwide. The Thermaltake v100 is a mid-tower case, which means it is smaller than some other models. V100 can accommodate up to six 120mm fans in the front, top, and rear of the case.

Contains three 5.25-inch bays and nine 3.5-inch bays for storage devices. It also has two USB 3.0 ports on the top for maximum accessibility and compatibility with modern hardware setups. The Thermaltake v100 is available in black or white colors with a matte finish for an elegant look and feel that will suit any environment

What is included in the Thermaltake v100 pc case?

The V100 pc case is a high-quality, well-built, and good-looking PC case that has a lot of features. It is designed for gamers who want to build their own PC rig.

The Thermaltake v100 pc case comes with two 120mm fans to cool your components. It includes a PSU shroud that hides the cables from view.

Is the Thermaltake V100 PC case easy to assemble?

Thermaltake V100 PC case is easy to assemble. The Thermaltake v100 is an ATX Mid Tower case that has a black steel exterior. It is designed to be compatible with both ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards, which are two popular motherboard sizes for gaming PCs.

It has seven expansion slots for installing graphics cards, sound cards, and other add-ons. The case also has one pre-installed 120mm fan to keep your PC cool when you are gaming or performing other high-intensity tasks on it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Thermaltake v100 case?

The Thermaltake v100 case is a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for a case with good cooling and aesthetics.

The Thermaltake v100 is an affordable full-tower ATX case that has a sleek, black design. It has plenty of room for your components and comes with one pre-installed fan. The downside to this case is the lack of USB 3.0 ports and the lack of cable management space.

Is the Thermaltake v100 case good for gaming?

The Thermaltake V100 case is a budget-friendly, mid-tower ATX case that can be used in both gaming and non-gaming environments. It has a tempered glass side panel to show off your build, which is something you don’t see often in this price range.

This case features two preinstalled 120mm fans in the front and one 120mm fan on the rear for great airflow. It also comes with plenty of room for up to six hard drives or SSDs, with four 3.5″ drive bays and two 2.5″ drive bays on the bottom of the case.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, yet stylish gaming PC case, then this may be just what you need!

Is the Thermaltake V100 case good for overclocking?

The V100 is a great case for overclocking. It has a lot of room for the components and it also has a lot of airflows to keep all the components cool.

The case will be good for overclocking because it has enough room for the components, it does not get too hot, and there is enough airflow to keep all the components cool.

What are the dimensions of the Thermaltake V100 case?

It is a mid-tower chassis that offers a large interior space and an exterior design that is both modern and elegant. The dimensions of the case are as follows:

  • Length: 21.5 inches
  • Width: 20.24 inches
  • Height: 9.88 inches


Thermaltake has been a leading provider of PC gaming products. They have developed a reputation for their performance, reliability, and innovation. The Thermaltake V 100 is a great choice for a user. It is not too expensive and it offers great cooling. This is the perfect option for someone who wants to have a graphics card that can be used in any situation and doesn’t want to break the bank while they are at it

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