Soundcore Flare Mini Review

The Anker-owned Soundcore brand continues to launch new products in the audio field. This time it’s a little Bluetooth speaker, called the Soundcore Flare Mini. In this article, we are going to fully present soundcore flare mini review in terms of performance and features.

Its market is dominated by reference brands such as JBL, but also by unknown Chinese brands. Anyway, now there are many references available for sale.

The Flare Mini opts for a compact design, but it is above all with its 360 ° sound reproduction that it wants to differentiate itself from other models. Is this feature enough to make a difference? Find out the answer in our full test.

You can connect this speaker with your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, or whatever to enjoy everywhere.

Soundcore Flare Mini – Speaker

The speaker comes in a small cardboard box. There are images of the speaker on the different sides and the manufacturer has also highlighted some of its technical characteristics. Specifically, the 360 ​​° sound, its wireless connection, the IPX certification, and its autonomy.

With everything out of the box, you get the Flare Mini, a micro USB charging cable, and some paperwork. If you want, you can buy a protective/carrying case online. It will only cost you about twenty dollars. As for the speaker, it sells for under $45.

  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Full orders
  • Powerful considering its size
  • Powering up
  • Micro USB
  • Cannot be managed via Soundcore app
  • No 3.5mm jack port


Brand Soundcore
Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Recommended Uses For Product For Smartphones or Tablets
Playtime 12 Hours
Power Source Battery Powered

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Soundcore Flare Mini Test

Design level, the Soundcore Flare Mini simply takes the design of the Soundcore Flare. It has an elongated and cylindrical body. It is also thanks to this format that we benefit from a 360 ° rendering.

The speaker measures 141 x 86 x 72mm and weighs 480 grams on the scale (it’s a compact size). So you won’t have a problem carrying it with one hand or putting it in a backpack. If the purchase of a protective case is essential, it is up to you.

After purchasing this accessory, you won’t break the bank and that way you can be sure that your speaker is well protected on the go.

There is nothing to say about the build quality of the speaker. The materials used are solid and we did not notice any signs of assembly. Both ends of the speaker are covered with rubber.

Thanks to this material, the Flare Mini will not move once placed on a stand. The rubber also helps absorb serious vibrations. As for the body of the speaker, it is covered with a woven fabric that is pleasant to the touch.

Soundcore Flare Mini is IPX7 certified. As a reminder, the IP protection index classifies the level of protection of a device against the intrusion of solid and liquid bodies. IPX7 means that the enclosure is protected against the effects of temporary immersion up to 1 meter deep and for 30 minutes. So you can use it in a humid place (your bathroom or near a pool).

Soundcore Flare Mini Speaker



The Soundcore Flare Mini speaker uses Bluetooth technology in version 4.2 (no NFC chip). Pairing is very easy. Turn on the speaker via the dedicated button and the Bluetooth logo glows blue.

This means that the Flare Mini has entered pairing mode. Then go to the Bluetooth menu of your source device to select the speaker. It is quick and easy. The speaker supports the AAC codec.

Remember to select it, this will allow you to get a better sound quality. Of course, your device (smartphone/tablet/audio player) must be compatible. As we told you before, LEDs are a little extra that allows you to get nice lighting effects (of course the battery will drain more quickly if you use them).

In this model, you cannot control them through the Soundcore app. Suddenly the color gradients are randomly linked (blue, red, orange, etc.) Note that it is possible to pair two speakers together for stereo sound. This can be interesting if you want a more powerful rendering.

At the bottom, you can notice a ring of light (activate the effects via the dedicated button). This feature is a pretty nice little extra. This is another element that sets the speaker apart from the competition.

All control buttons are integrated into the upper face. You will use the different buttons to change the volume level, play / pause your music, and navigate between the audio tracks.

It will be necessary to carry out one, two, or three pressures depending on the desired command. The interaction is very simple. In the worst case, you can take a look at the user manual to understand how the different buttons work.

At the connectivity level, we only have a micro USB port that is hidden behind a small rubber cap. Do not forget to put it back in place, because it is what seals the speaker. We lose the 3.5mm jack port on this model. It’s a shame because it allowed cable use. We note that the loudspeaker can only be used vertically.

Audio quality and performance

The Soundcore Flare Mini offers 10W of power and the least we can say is that it did not disappoint. We were even surprised by its performance given its size. You won’t be able to shake the walls in your house, but it’s powerful enough to provide sound in a small room (a bedroom, for example).

We enjoy a 360 ° representation, the sound reproduction is the same, regardless of its position in front of the speaker. This feature is useful if you want to listen to music while entertaining friends.

You put the speaker in the middle of the table and everyone will have a good music experience. In general, the sound is balanced and homogeneous. You won’t enjoy all the details of the different frequencies (bass, mids, treble), but you can still use it to listen to all kinds of music.

The Flare Mini offers a compact design but is powerful enough to enjoy listening to great music. We would like to point out that we use it with a smartphone (Realme X2 Pro) and the AAC codec.

When fully recharged, the battery life is approximately 12 hours. Of course, the usage time will vary depending on the volume and whether or not the lighting effects are used.

We recommend that you do not use the LEDs and do not push the volume to the maximum if you want to enjoy more than 10 hours of use. On the other hand, it was a huge disappointment, charging was done through a micro USB port. We don’t really understand this choice, because everyone is switching to USB-C today.

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The miniaturized version of the Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker is a hit. It benefits from a robust and waterproof design. The sound reproduction is powerful (given its size) and well diffused at 360 °. The light effects are a bit more pleasant. In conclusion, the Soundcore Flare Mini is a very successful Bluetooth speaker.

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