Sony SRS X2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Over the years, the Japanese brand has shown us how much it has mastered the design of its products. Headphones, helmets, MP3 player, wireless speakers, etc. Sony sells many products in the audio business. This time it offers a nomadic Bluetooth speaker.

According to Sony, it’s perfect for going outdoors. It is true that on paper its dimensions are ideal, but competition is fierce in the field of portable speakers. There are actually thousands of references available on the market. Bose, JBL, Ultimate Ears, etc. many brands offer their speaker models. Will the sony srs X2 manage to find a place? Find out the answer in our quiz.

Sony SRS X2 Review


Brand Sony
Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth/USB/Wireless
Mounting Type Portable
Special Feature Ultra-portable

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The SRS X2 is delivered in a standard cardboard box. Once you open the box, you will find some accessories inside. A USB power adapter, a carrying case, a quick start guide, a reference guide, and a warranty card. Nothing special, just what is needed to charge it and make it work properly. Don’t throw the user manual in the trash, it can be helpful at first to understand how the different buttons work.

Bluetooth portable speakers are booming, manufacturers are designing more and more models for the audio market. There is customer demand because they want to stream music from their smartphones. It is true that it is nice to be able to amplify your music inside and outside the house. You listen to your music anywhere without worrying about connecting cables and setting up. The Sony brand is also exploiting this wireless technology with the sony SRS X2 Bluetooth speaker.

  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • NFC chip
  • Decent Design
  • Distortion
  • Sibilance issue
  • No aptX

Sony Bluetooth SRS X2 Speaker

The Sony SRS X2 has a very nice finish, at the same time that we pointed it out to you from the beginning. Sony always takes care in the design of its products and the same goes for the X2. It is available in black, white and red. We find the black version more sober and discreet. After the tastes and colors are unique to each one, we let you decide for yourself.

The 2-channel speakers are protected by a metal grill, the other parts of the speaker are made of plastic. There is a gummed effect that is nice when you handle it. The advantage of this erasing effect is that it acts as a non-slip and makes it easier to grip the speaker.

The sony srs X2 speaker is compact and quite light. You can take it with you everywhere, it fits easily in a backpack. Although the rubberized plastic resists scratches well, we recommend that you use the protective cover when you are on the go. That way you’ll make sure you don’t damage it.

Features and Design

The speaker can only be placed horizontally and on one side. It rests on 4 rubber pieces. Those placed at the front are slightly raised, this allows an upward tilt. This has a slight effect on the direction of the sound, especially if you place it on the floor or a coffee table.

Once the SRS X2 is configured, stability is well optimized. However, we recommend that you place it on a support that is not sensitive to vibrations (glass furniture, for example). The speaker has a sober but well-built design. There are no obvious design flaws.

The buttons are placed on the top of the speaker, there are 6 in total. The Bluetooth button to pair the speaker with your device (smartphone/audio player), the + and – buttons to adjust the volume, and the button to turn the speaker on and off. Sony SRS X2 Bluetooth Speaker. The Sound button activates the surround mode. Surround sound is supposed to surround the user, but on the X2 this mode changes the stereo width. This allows for better musical performance when activated.

The speaker has a hands-free kit, answers phone calls by pressing the button that represents a phone. There are LEDs that let you know when the speaker is on, when it’s charging, and Bluetooth pairing. The LED on the back lets you know the battery is fully charged, but there’s no indicator to tell you how much use is left. There are sound effects when you turn the speaker on or off and when Bluetooth pairing is complete.

Sony SRS X2 Ultra Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Audio Performance and Quality

Connecting the SRS X2 to your source device is easy as the speaker is equipped with an NFC chip. Near Field Communication is short-range wireless communication technology. This allows the exchange of information between devices up to a distance of 10 centimeters.

Your device must support this technology, if this is the case, you have not placed it on top of the speaker to make the wireless connection. Pairing is made easy with this technology. You can also connect the speaker with cable, you need to connect the cable to the aux jack port. The micro USB port can only be used to recharge the speaker’s battery.

On paper, the battery life is 5 hours, but we managed to beat that number. Just over 7 hours of use at 50% volume. This is still normal, but enough for most users. Once the battery is depleted, it will take 2h30 to fully charge. You charge it with the micro USB cable.

Moreover About Sony X2

The Sony SRS X2 offers 20W RMS power on two audio channels. Unfortunately, even at medium volume, the treble suffers from sibilance. You can boost the sound up to 60% without degrading playback, but if you turn up the volume a bit, the distortion spreads across the entire sound spectrum. Note that the sound is better when your source is connected to the auxiliary jack.

When the speaker is wired, the music plays at CD quality. Vocals are audible, mids are warm, and bass reinforces the dynamics of the music. But when you use a sony SRS X2 speaker in Bluetooth, the sound loses quality. It doesn’t have aptX Bluetooth, so the sound is much less detailed. If the speaker had an aptX codec, there would be no difference between wired and wireless use. In any case, it makes up for it with its good stereophony and its power (high maximum volume).


The Sony SRS X2 is not the best Bluetooth speaker available on the market. It is mainly criticized for the absence of the aptX codec that could have improved sound reproduction. But not everything is bad, it still has satisfying features. Its finishes, pairing via NFC, its stereo, and its good power.

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