Logitech G203 Lightsync Review

Logitech G203 Lightsync Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech has announced the imminent availability of the Logitech G203 Lightsync wired gaming mouse. Despite its low cost, the novelty is able to provide high comfort and performance for the widest range of gamers. The manipulator has a classic symmetrical design with 6 buttons. An optical sensor with a resolution of 200 to 8,000 dpi is used. The mouse weighs 85 grams and the cable is 2.1 meters long.

The mouse is equipped with a single-zone LED illumination, which is common for the logo and the stripe around the perimeter. The data transmission latency is 1 ms, and the polling rate is 1000 Hz, respectively. The onboard ARM controller supports one user profile, configurable using Logitech G HUB software.

With the growing popularity of gaming across all age groups, we wanted to design a mouse that gives most gamers access to some of our most innovative technologies,” said Alsh Desai, vice president, and general manager of Logitech G. “The new Logitech G 203 Lightsync mouse brings together high-performance technology, RGB lighting and great comfort in a tried and true design. This mouse will surely help you outperform the competition.

logitech g203 lightsync

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Brand Logitech G
Hardware Platform PC, Mac
Number of keys 6
Item Weight 5.3 ounces
Optical sensor resolution 8,000 dpi
Connection interface USB

About This Item:

  • 8, 000 DPI gaming-grade sensor responds precisely to movements. Customize your sensitivity settings to suit the sensitivity you like with Logitech G HUB gaming software and cycle easily through up to 5 DPI settings.
  • Play in color with our most vibrant Lightsync RGB featuring color wave effects customizable across -16.8 million colors. Install Logitech G HUB software to choose from preset colors and animations or make your own. Game-driven, audio visualization, and screen mapping options are also available.
  • Play comfortably and with total control. The classic and simple 6-button layout and classic gaming shape is a comfortable time-tested and loved design. Each button can be customized using Logitech G HUB software to simplify tasks.
  • Primary buttons are mechanical and tensioned with durable metal springs for reliability, performance, and excellent feel. The crisp clicks and precise feedback delivers a great precision feel to maximize your fun in-game.

Logitech G203 Lightsync

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The G203 Lightsync is a wired mouse. This is the Lightspeed you need if you are looking for a cordless rodent. Instead, Lightsync means this mouse is fully compatible with the Logitech G App and RGB lighting system that can combine RGB lighting effects into compatible Logitech products. What is somewhat confusing is that products that do not support Light sync can also integrate to varying degrees with the specified application.

This is one of the changes made to the G203 Lightsync: the extent to which you can fiddle with its RGB lighting in the app. This is one of two minor differences from the G203 Prodigy. While the Prodigy has only one Lightsync zone, which is configurable in the Logitech G app, Lightsync has three. The Logitech G203 Lightsync tri-zone also enables two new RGB lighting effects: color wave and color mixing.

This is far from a major overhaul, but I admit the G203 doesn’t really need a simple design. All three main lighting zones are in a thin strip covering the back of the palm rest, and the logo above is the same color as the middle RGB lighting zone. While it would be nice to have independent control over the logo itself, this option allows you to create gorgeous three-color gradient effects that move from one side of the mouse to the other.

Pair these with the slightly modified white and gray G203 Lightsync option (as opposed to the white and black option previously available in the Prodigy) and you’ve got something totally awesome for $ 40. That’s right, the only other difference between the G203 Lightsync and its predecessor is the introduction of a gray reserve for the scroll wheel, as opposed to the standard black color adopted earlier.


Logitech’s simplest gaming mouse just got brighter. The G203 Lightsync updates the company’s G203 Prodigy, adding a little more room for RGB customization. If you’re looking for a simple gaming mouse, the G203 (Lightsync or otherwise) is a decent choice. It’s lightweight and fast, and it really is everything you need for most games. Are there areas where Logitech could make some improvements? Definitely. But for the price, the high-quality Lightsync is enough to make it a safe choice for beginners. It’s a good budget choice for small mouse enthusiasts

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