KZ ZS3 review

For optimal discretion and sound quality, choose the pair of in-ear headphones you’ve been dreaming of! This type of headphone holds better in place than a pair of classic headphones thanks to its retention system inside the ear itself.

The sound, penetrating directly into the ear, is of a much higher quality than that of conventional headphones. Depending on your preferences, they can work wired or wireless, via Bluetooth. These then have a rechargeable battery that will allow you normal use for several hours.

Review of Best Budget In-ear Headphone

In this study, we are providing you a review of the best in-ear headphones. That having both wired and wireless features. This is a quality product at a very low price.

KZ ZS3 review

The KS ZS3 has an original and daring design. They are constructed of plastic with a glossy black finish. Headphone housings remain strong, will withstand accidental bumps and drops.

On each earphone, you will see the inscriptions “left” and “right”, a small visual guide so that you do not get confused when you put the headphones in your ears. The two connection plugs are housed inside the housings, you will easily notice them as they are red in color.

It is in these sockets that you will connect the two-pin cable, you will understand that the cable is removable. But, it is recommended not to separate them too often, you could break the pins and you would have to buy a new cable. It is quite surprising to find this type of process in this type of in-ear headphones.

The packaging is pretty basic, the headphones come with a cable and 3 pairs of different sized silicone tips. No protective sleeve is provided and we would have liked the brand to provide different types of tips. For example, memory foam tips. Headphones are sold for less than $20 online!


Brand KZ
Color Black
Material Metal
Connectivity Technology Wired
Fit Type In-Ear

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About This Item:

  • Perfect for the style of rock, metal, heavy bass music, etc.
  • It features excellent sound quality with a vast sound field, for magnificent spatial aspects of the sound.
  • The in-ear features of headphone make them easy for using when moving, providing a locked-in fit
  • It is compatible with the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Also these work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices.

Features and design of KZ ZS3

The part of the cable connected to the headphones uses a rigid material, you bend the cable to fit around your ears when you use the headphones. The cable terminates in a gold-plated angled 3.5mm jack plug.

The cable is of good quality and resistant to tangles. Having the option to replace the cable is a good idea and an advantage for the KZ ZS3. This design helps improve the life of your new headphones.

There’s a catch though – it’s a great idea to be able to replace the cable if it gets damaged, but buying a new cable will cost you almost as much as headphones. It will take about ten dollars for a replacement cable.

The earphone housings are perfectly molded, once placed in your ears, the insertion depth is not intrusive. You put the tip in your ears and the wire wraps around your ears.

The shape of the headphones allows for very good comfort, the fit is well optimized. They stay in place, but if you are looking for a couple of extras for your workouts we advise you to look for another reference. Its design also provides good insulation, outside noise is well attenuated.

You won’t be bothered by outside noise when listening to your music, but if you want to be completely isolated from ambient noise, you’ll need to invest in a pair of headphones with a noise-canceling system. On the other hand, having to wrap the cable around your ears when wearing headphones won’t appeal to everyone.

Audio quality and performance of KZ ZS3

The KZ ZS3s have excellent sound quality for their price. They incorporate 8mm speakers with a frequency of 20 – 20,000Hz and impedance of 106 dB. We tested the headphones while listening to various genres of music and with different sources.

We were very impressed to see that they adapt to all styles of music. When you listen to music with these headphones, you are really immersed in your music, especially thanks to their design. The sound is clear and the bass is powerful. In this price range, there are many references that emphasize the low.

For the ZS3 headphones, the bass is powerful, but the mids remain well balanced compared to the competition. The means are present and well detailed, the voices are very clear. The treble is detailed without being high, but a bit late, you can still adjust the sounds with your source’s equalizer.

We obtain a real spatialization of the sound and a fairly wide sound relief. Overall they provide really nice sound, for the price the sound quality is top-notch!


  • Clear sound with powerful bass
  • Detachable cables
  • Excellent Price
    • Price for Replacement cable
    • No carry bag

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The more the years go by, the more products enter the audio market. The competition is tough, there is something for all tastes and all pockets. When searching intras, there are so many references that it is difficult to choose.

A few years ago you had to choose between having headphones with an attractive design or quality sound quality. But now with headphones like the KZ ZS3, the situation has changed.

Because KZ ZS3 has a good sound, an original design, and interesting features. If you’re on a budget, this pair of extras under $ 20 is a great option. This will make your way to using such an inexpensive in-ear headphone with your computer, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, iPad, and mobile to enjoy your gaming or listen to music. Enjoy voice with KZ ZS3!!!

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