i5 4570 vs i5 9400f

Introduction: The differences between i5 4570 and the i5 9400f

Since the introduction of the 9th generation processors, many users have been debating the pros and cons of Intel’s latest processors. Some users believe that the older i5 4570 processor is superior to the new 9400f; while others say that it would be much better to upgrade to a 9th Gen 4-core 3.9Ghz i5.

In this article we will compare both CPUs in terms of performance, power consumption, overclocking potential, heat dissipation, noise levels, warranty period, compatibility with motherboards, etc. We hope you find our comparison useful!

The Processors:

The i5 4570 has three cores whereas the i5 9400f only has two

Among Core i5 processors, the Core i5-4570 is a popular choice. It has three physical cores and supports up to eight logical cores with Intel Hyper-Threading. The Core i5-9400F is an alternative, offering the same amount of physical cores but more logical cores.

Both CPUs have similar prices at $180-$200 depending on where you shop. They also share many similarities in terms of performance, so we can compare them side by side here.

The Core i5-9000 series are quad-core chips that offer four threads per CPU (eight total). These models come with higher clock speeds than their dual-core counterparts, which means they should be faster overall.

Graphics Capabilities

Both processors come with integrated graphics, but the 9400f is more powerful than the 4570

Graphics computation typically requires much more processing power than other tasks. If you are not using a graphics card, then your processor will be responsible for the majority of the workload.

The Intel i5 9400f is an improvement over the older Intel i5 4570 in this regard because it can process computations much faster than its predecessor. This allows the 9400f to handle many applications at once without slowing down too much.

However, if you do plan on purchasing a dedicated video card, we recommend that you look into the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 as these cards offer better performance and support for newer games.

Price: The prices of the two processors are very different.

The 4570 is cheaper than the 9400f

There are many different types of processors, but the two that are most popular are the i5 4570 and i5 9400f. The price of these two processors differs greatly, with the 4570 being cheaper than the 9400f.

Aside from the price, there are other differences between these two processors that make them suitable for different purposes. The 4570 is better for older computers because it has a lower power requirement.

Comparison Table for i5 4570 vs i5 9400f

i5 4570

i5 9400f

Brand: Intel Brand: Intel
CPU Model: Core i5 CPU Model: Core i5
CPU Speed: 3.2 GHz CPU Speed: 2.9 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1150 CPU Socket: LGA 1151
Processor Count: 4 Processor Count: 6
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What is about i5-4570?

Upgrading from a more affordable CPU to an i5 4570 can help improve a computer’s performance. It is a good option for people who do not have the time or the know-how to upgrade their PC themselves. The i5 4570 is a more powerful CPU with impressive speeds, and it costs less than other CPUs on the market.

The Intel Core i5 4570 was released in 2014 and is one of many CPUs that come from Intel’s Core family.

Why would you need a i5 4570 processor?

The i5 4570 is an excellent processor for any PC enthusiast. It has 4 cores and supports up to 3.6 gigahertz of clock speed, which means that the computer running this processor will be faster than one running an older, slower model if it has the same number of cores. The i5 4570 is also compatible with six different types of motherboards, so you can find one that suits your needs.

What are the best features of a i5 4570 processor?

The i5 4570 processor is a great choice for gamers, enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to do desktop-level work. Its performance is unmatched in its price range which makes it an excellent value. The quad-core processing power allows you to multitask easily while the turbo boost function speeds up the clock speed when needed to use less power, saving you money on your electric bill.

Intel Core i5-4570 Processor
Intel Core i5-4570 Processor

i5 4570 is a high-performance processor from Intel’s 4th generation of Core i processors. It has a base clock speed of 3.2 GHz and Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz when required. It has 4 physical cores that handle 8 simultaneous processing threads and integrates Intel HD Graphics 4600 with 24 execution units. The i5 4570 is a great choice for gamers, video editors, and desktop power users alike.

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i5 9400f

What is about i5 9400f?

The i5 9400f is the latest Intel processor. It has a base frequency of 2.9 GHz and can turbo up to 4.1 GHz when needed. This processor also has an embedded Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 which offers advanced visuals for entertainment, content creation, and other tasks.

The graphics card supports DirectX 12 features such as tessellation shaders, multi-threading, compute shaders, ray tracing, etc.

Why would you need a i5 9400f processor?

The new i5 9400f processor is the latest in Intel’s line of processors. The chip has a nice speed of 3.00 GHz which makes it the perfect mid-range model for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

With 6 cores and 12 threads, this processor is designed for multi-tasking applications that require high-performance computing power. There are also features of this processor that optimize visuals, audio, and gaming experiences.

What are the best features of a i5 9400f processor?

The i5 9400f processor is a fantastic mid-range CPU that can be used with high-end graphics cards. The i5 9400f has four cores and eight threads, which provide great performance for multi-tasking and multitasking.

Despite its amazing capabilities, the i5 9400f does not produce much heat at all. This means that you will never need to worry about overheating your computer or having problems due to excessive temperatures.

It also comes equipped with an integrated GPU (graphics processing unit) which allows users to play games on their computers without needing additional hardware such as a video card.

the 9400f is compatible with 8th generation intel core processors

Intel announced the 9400f as their newest generation of processors. The 9400f is compatible with the 8th generation intel core processors and has a base frequency of 3.1 GHz, with a turbo boost frequency up to 4.6 GHz. It also comes with a cache size of 8MB and features two cores and four threads.

The Intel 9th generation of processors

The i5 9400f processor is a new refresh to the i5 9400 as the first Intel chipset for AMD Ryzen introduced. The new processor features 4 cores with 8 threads and can run at up to 3.8 GHz on a 14nm process. It will be available in 65W and 95W versions and has an unlocked multiplier for overclocking.

A high-performance, great value, and power-efficient CPU for gamers, enthusiasts, and creators alike.

Intel Core i5-9400F Processor
Intel Core i5-9400F Processor

What the processor does

The latest generation of i5 9400f processors is well-suited for any PC gamer. The i5 9400f processors offer hyperthreading, giving it six cores and six threads instead of four cores with eight threads.

This lets the processor execute more instructions at the same time, which is ideal when gaming. Not only is the i5 9400f processor fast, but it also comes in a variety of different configurations.

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Why it is good to have a good 4 core processor

Many people are unaware of the importance of having a good 4 core processor. The average user doesn’t need to worry about this specification, but it is very important for certain people.

Professionals who make use of programs that require optimal performance, such as video editing or computer-aided design, may want to invest in an i5 9400f processor. This type of chip is optimized for multitasking and offers increased performance over comparable, less expensive processors with 8 cores.


For most people, including PC builders, gamers, and creators, it’s better to get an i5 4570 for its better value. However, if your main use for your computer is heavy graphics work like editing videos or Photoshop, then it’s better to buy an i5 9400f.

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