How To Connect My PS4 Controller To Steam

Worried to connect ps4 controller to steam? There is a number of ways to connect your Dualshock 4 controller to a computer. One of which is streaming your PS4’s screen with an application called ‘Router Screen Capture’ and connecting it using the USB cable. But let’s be honest, who wants another device in their living room?

How about a wireless solution for How to connect PS4 controller to PC Steam? How easy is it to do so? It turns out that the answer can be found with just a little bit of tinkering with existing software.

Connect PS4 Controller To Steam

In this tutorial, you will need two things: A Bluetooth connection from your PC or Laptop and DS4Tool (make sure Bluetooth is turned on)

STEP 1: Connect Your Controller To Your Computer Via USB Cable We want to make sure that your PC recognizes the controller. This will also prevent the annoying ‘Controller not detected’ error in Steam’s Big Picture mode

STEP 2: Pair Your Controller With DS4Tool Now open ds4tool, click on settings and check “Pair with Dualshock 4” then uncheck all other options.

Step 3: Unplug The USB Cable From Your Controller (Optional)

Step 4: Disconnect And Reconnect To Wireless Without Turning Off Your Computer

Step 5: Connect To A Server And Let Yourself Be Noticed By The Application

Now open DS4Windows and press the big ‘Pair Controller’ button. Your Dualshock 4 will now be connected wirelessly!

We hope you found this article helpful! If so, please feel free to give feedback to us!

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