How To Choose a Gaming Mouse

Regular gamers in the PC world know that having a good gaming mouse has a big impact on games, especially in the competitive world, and can make a difference in some cases. But the truth is that, as always, choosing a mouse can be a real headache, so we will analyze the fundamental aspects to choosing a Best Gaming Mouse are: Type of grip, DPI, additional buttons, size, shape, weight, and especially the price.

Choosing Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is one of the most important accessories for PC gamers. With a good mouse, you can outplay all your opponents. When choosing the perfect mouse, keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose the type of mouse that suits your hand.
  • Choose a mouse that matches your favorite video games.
  • Make sure the mouse has the correct format.
  • Determine the functions the mouse should have.

1. Which hand do you use?

  • For right-handers: Most gamers are right-handed, and it shows in the design of the mouse. Many gaming mouse are shaped for the right hand and feature buttons and design elements on the left side. There is the right-handed mouse of all types, sizes, and designs. Right-handers are the most spoiled.
  • For left-handers: Rarer are the left-handed versions of popular models offered by companies like Razer. Left-handers, therefore, have a little more difficulty finding what they need. The easiest way is to learn to play with the right hand to have more choices. You can’t do it? You still have the option of using an asymmetrical mouse. These mouse have a universal shape and often have buttons on both sides.

2. What kind of games do you play?

Now that you know which hand to use, it’s time to address the most important factor: what games do you play? A mouse is good enough for all games, but with a mouse specialized for your favorite genre, you have a considerable advantage on the battlefield. Do you play several types of games in competition? So a second mouse is not a luxury.

  • Shooting Games: In shooting games, it’s all about being precise. It is important that the sensor is precise and does not let you go right when you have your opponent in the line of sight. Shooting game lovers are content with 2 thumb buttons. Weight and balance are important. In general, the shooter mouse is relatively light (less than 100 grams), in order to perform those large movements characteristic of professional gamers specialized in low-sensitivity shooters.

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse

  • MOBAs: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends are extremely popular. You need many buttons to prevail in such hard-to-master games. MOBA mice usually have five or six buttons to make your opponents drool.

Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA Gaming Mouse

  • MMOs: Buttons, more buttons, always buttons. In MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, you have a whole arsenal of spells and powers at your buttons. MMO mice usually have between 6 and 14 buttons on the side, which you can adjust to your liking via software.

Corsair Scimitar MMO Gaming Mouse

3. How big are your hands?

Gaming mice generally have a very elaborate design with a lot of variations in terms of size and shape. But how do you know what you need? You need to consider several things. I listed them for you:

  • The 60% rule
    To determine the right size and shape for your hands, ZyRJN Professional Quake Player’s 60% Rule comes in handy. Your hands are usually twice as long as they are wide. The closer a mouse is, in length and width, to 60% of the length and width of your hands, the more likely it is to fit well in your hand. This is obviously a guideline: it’s handy when in doubt, but in the end, it’s your personal preference that matters.
  • Handling and space factor
    Shape and grip are also important. The most common types of grip are palm, claw, and fingertip grip. Preferably choose a mouse whose shape is validated by ZyRJN (RJN stands for Rocket jump Ninja). With such a shape, the ratio 2 – 1 of your hand is found in the size of the mouse.

How To Choose The Right Gaming Mouse?

Numerous factors should be kept in mind when choosing the best gaming mouse.

Type Of Grip Of The Mouse

The most important is undoubtedly the comfort since long hours of play can cause our wrists to suffer. That’s why something fundamental is the way you hold the mouse. This grip is essential because choosing the wrong mouse can be a source of discomfort. Gamer mice (or mice) are generally of the hybrid type (they can be used by anyone), but there are specific models for each type of grip:

  1. The ‘Palm‘ type grip is the one in which the hand rests on the entire surface of the mouse. Gamers who use this type of grip prefer a large and ergonomic gaming mouse so that the hand does not suffer during long hours of play.
  2. On the other hand, another type of grip that is very common among gamers is the ‘Claw‘ type in which the hand is suspended above the mouse, forming a sort of claw with the hand. These models are generally smaller and more agile, although they are still ergonomic.
  3. Finally, the hybrid type grip or ‘Tip‘ is a mixture of the two previous ones. Most gaming mice on the market are suitable for these gamers, although they will always opt for the one they feel most comfortable with.

Some brands create Claw and Palm mice for left-handed people, although the standard is hybrid models with buttons on both sides so they are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

DPI: Dots Per Inch

The DPI or Dots Per Inch determines the sensitivity of the mouse, primarily influencing accuracy. Although the truth is that this aspect is not as influential as it seems and unfortunately it is used for marketing as is the case with Hertz in televisions or in the RAM of the video cards.

In general, a standard mouse usually has 1000 DPI, which is enough for normal office tasks, but to play, depending on the resolution, we will need a certain amount of DPI, we leave you a table to choose your gaming mouse well according to your resolution.

Dot Per Inch

In general, and in order not to be mistaken with the dots per inch in our gaming mouse, the most logical thing is to acquire one that allows us to configure the DPI manually, thus learning to know how we feel most at home easy. The DPI influences the photographic work more than when reading.

Optical Sensor vs Laser Sensor

An optical mouse uses an LED sensor that detects changes that occur on the surface, these mice are the most common on the market and their production costs are lower.

These sensors are most common for office, desktop, and internet tasks, although there are models with high DPI that are more than adequate for gaming, although lasers are recommended for competitive gaming.

Laser mice are generally priced quite high compared to an optical mouse and use a laser sensor that recognizes the surface it is being used on with great precision.

The advantage of this type of mouse, in gaming, is that it can detect a much wider resolution than other technologies. They are not only effective for gaming, but also for graphic design and other tasks that require high precision.

Other aspects to consider

With everything we’ve seen so far, you shouldn’t have any problems choosing a gaming mouse, although there are other aspects to consider that can positively or negatively influence our gaming experience.

The weight of the mouse is an aspect to take into account and which is generally not paid attention to. Choosing a gaming mouse that allows for the configurable weight (with metal “balls”) can have a very positive influence on our games, keep that in mind.

The additional buttons of our gaming mouse can be another quite remarkable and attractive aspect. The usual thing in a gaming mouse is that it includes two buttons on the sides and these can be configured, although there are models that even include 5 or 8 additional buttons, such as the Razer Naga, which is perfect for MMO type games. This factor was also discussed above.

Gaming Mouse: Opinions and Conclusions

When choosing a gaming mouse, you need to consider how you use the mouse i.e. what kind of grip you have to avoid awkward postures and comfortably enjoy long hours game, keep in mind, in addition, that there are models that even allow regulating the weight.

On the other hand, choose a laser mouse to play with more than 2500 dpi to have a more precise gaming experience. Most laser mice allow you to configure the DPI and thus play as comfortably as possible.

Finally, keep in mind the titles you play, because if you play MMOs, you will probably need additional buttons on the mouse to gain some advantage and, above all, a better gaming experience.

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