How To Change Overwatch Language

Overwatch has been translated and dubbed into a total of 12 languages: German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Thai. These variety of languages ​​are available in the Blizzard desktop application for PC.

On consoles such as Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, the availability of languages ​​may vary, depending on where the computer was manufactured. In the same way, the language has been configured at the factory.

That is, if your console was manufactured in Japan, its language will be in Japanese. Since in-game consoles, the language setting is not per game but globalized for all of them.

How To Change The Overwatch Language

How To Change Language On Overwatch PS4

How To Change Language In Overwatch Xbox

Surely you already know what the minimum requirements of Overwatch are to run on a PC. So, you will see that the language change is an easy process: you can change the language (either text or spoken), in just a few steps:

  • You need to be signed in to the Blizzard app.
  • From the Blizzard game icons, select Overwatch.
  • Open the “GAMES” menu and click on “Settings”, which are the game settings.
  • In that window, select the “Game Settings” section and look for the part with the OverWatch icon. There you will see a selection box, where you can change the text (Text Language) and the dialog (Spoken Language) to the desired language.
  • You finish by pressing the “Done” button.

OverWatch Language Change

The language setting on PS4, you can do it in the following way. You must close any application or message service that is running; Using your remote, you go to the following menu options: “Settings> Language> System language”.

On the Xbox One, you just have to press the Menu button on the controller, and go to the following options Settings> System> Language and location> Language.  Where you can choose the language you want.

For Nintendo Switch, you have to go to the “HOME” menu of the console, in the settings on the left side we look for the option “Console”, in the settings on the right side we go to “Language”. In this place, you can choose your preferred language.

Changing the language in OverWatch, whether to Japanese, English, or Spanish, is a simple task; Knowing this, you will be prepared for when Overwatch 2 launches. If you have a friend who has had language problems, you can recommend this article.

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