Eksa E900 Review

I use headphones for my business meetings on platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom as well as for listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos. As for gaming. it is mainly used for video games. But since it’s a gaming headset, so let’s take a review of Eksa E900 gaming Headset.

Eksa E900 Gaming Headset Review



Brand EKSA
Ear Placement Over Ear
Color Black-Red
Connectivity Technology Wired
Item Weight 1.05 Pounds

Price at Amazon

Upon receipt of the headset, the tone is clearly set. It is a gaming headset as is clearly indicated on the packaging. Inside, you find the headset in a small leather pouch, a user manual, and a microphone.

This is one of the strengths of this headset: the microphone is detachable. You don’t bother with it if you want to use it in a single-player game or to listen to music or watch a series. It is easily positioned in the dedicated socket under the left atrium.

A Quality Microphone

I appreciated the quality of the microphone during my work meetings. It is noise-canceling and allows you to transcribe the sound of the voice well without parasitic noise.

It is tested in online sessions on Fortnite in the squad, duo, or creative mode. Apparently, his teammates heard perfectly without background noise and without the noise of the keys.

Advantages of this microphone:

  • It’s a detachable microphone: you can remove it when you don’t need to talk when using the headset. It’s more pleasant to watch a series without the microphone, for example.
  • It is surrounded by moss
  • It can be deactivated using a switch located on the cable: very practical in a telework meeting when you have to talk to someone at home or office.

A comfortable Helmet

I used it for several hours and found it really comfortable to wear. The pads do not hurt the ears. It is easily adaptable to my head circumference. At the level of the arch, comfort is also present. I had no difficulty keeping it on my ears for a long time.

The weak point of the Eksa E900 headset: a wired headset

I know some people prefer wired headsets which are lighter. But personally, I have a preference for Bluetooth headsets that allow me to move around while listening.

In terms of gaming experience, this is not penalizing. The wire is quite long.

What is our opinion on the E900 headphones from EKSA?

Because of the last point mentioned, namely the fact that it is wired. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the sound quality, comfort, and microphone of this headset.

But, the most interesting is the gaming level test since it is a gamer headset. Choosing the E900 helmet from EKSA. Here are the reasons:

  • It is aesthetics.
  • the microphone: the control of the sound and the microphone directly via a command on the cable won her over. No need to unplug the headphones or mute the microphone on the console or PC to talk outside the game. It’s quick and easy.

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