Difference Between CPU and GPU

Today we are here to discuss the difference between the two core components of a computer system. The CPU and GPU. Both have their own features and functionality but some people are confused with the terms and do not catch the clear idea of how CPU and GPU are different.

As we know system unit is a combination of various components that are interconnected through busses and work together to carry out the whole processing of the computer. All those components are embedded on the motherboard.

What Is The Difference Between CPU and GPU

CPU and GPU are processing devices are components that have their own features and working principles. Let’s see in a detailed and simple way by answering the following questions.

What is a CPU?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of your computer, handling both input & output from all of your devices. The CPU processes information in the form of bits, which are binary codes that have been read from or written to memory.

Main Functions of CPU

  • Fetching data from somewhere.
  • Processing it in some way
  • Storing it somewhere else.

If you were to visualize a processor as a physical object, it would be a chip with many tiny transistors on its surface.

CPU - Central Processing Unit
CPU – Central Processing Unit

What is a GPU?

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is an electronic circuit designed specifically to rapidly manipulate graphical data. It utilizes hardware or software for graphics rendering purposes in things like video games and CAD programs. GPUs are very similar to CPUs but they’re designed for processing much larger amounts of data at one time.

  • It enables the computer to display processed output on the monitor.
GPU - Graphics Processing Unit
GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

What are CPU And GPU? Side by Side Difference

  • A CPU is the brain of a computer that handles all the tasks that are not graphics-intensive.
  • On the other hand, GPU is an electronic circuit typically found on the motherboard of a computer graphics card that handles high-speed manipulations of graphical data such as rendering images and videos.
  • CPUs are commonly found in less-demanding devices like laptops and desktops that are either built for word processing or web browsing tasks.
  • While GPUs are commonly found in gaming computers and machines designed for high-powered graphical processing needs, such as video editing and web browsing.

The CPU is the main processor and handles most of the data you input into your computer. The GPU is an electronic circuit used to rapidly manipulate graphical data.

The CPU is responsible for initiating all operations in a computer, it can also be called the brain of a computer because it handles most of the data that you input into your system. The GPU, or graphics processing unit, handles all graphics-related operations.

Structure and Features

The CPUs are generally built with a few cores which are designed to be powerful, but energy efficient. The GPUs are designed to be more powerful, but less efficient. This is because CPUs are usually used for general computing tasks such as word processing and web browsing while GPUs are used for rendering graphics, video games, and 3D animations.

  • CPU executes commands, processes data, and manages power distribution. It can be identified by its dual cores on a motherboard.
  • GPU is an extension of the CPU that has its own processor. It can be identified by its dedicated video card with graphics memory on a motherboard.

Difference between CPU and GPU: By working

CPUs are the traditional processing engine in a computer. They are also called the Central Processing Unit. CPUs are not designed to do one thing well, but instead, they can handle a variety of tasks, which is why they are used to power desktop computers and laptops.

CPU is responsible to carry out most of the work of computers. It fetches the instructions and performs operations on data. It executes necessary operations and regulates other parts of the computer. The main work of the CPU consists of calculations and data transfer. CPU has two main units.

  • ALU – Arithmetic & Logic Unit
  • CU – Control Unit

We are not going into further detail on this topic, because I have intentions to write another article that describe whole computer system along with its components. So, keep in touch.

GPUs are Graphics Processing Unit, which is a board mounted on the motherboard that is responsible to give display capabilities.

These processors have been designed specifically for processing graphics-intensive work, such as games or video editing software. GPUs have become more powerful over time and can now be found in many different devices including smartphones, tablets, and even some TVs.


The CPU is the traditional processing engine in a computer that handles a variety of tasks and the computer cannot work without the CPU while the GPU is designed specifically for graphics-intensive work like games or video editing software.

Both are built to perform and enhance the working of computers. If you want your computer to perform operations at an efficient and optimal level you need both components.

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