Cougar MX330 G ATX Mid Tower Case

Knowing the difference between different PC chassis will assist you to choose which one will meet your usage needs. The most common system chassis type is the tower.

Depending on the specific number of internal drive bays and the height of the tower, these chassis can be classified into small-size, medium-size, and tower-size enclosures.

One of the most important considerations when choosing between sizes is the number of slots and the number of devices we would like to add to these boxes. This type of chassis is considered the most basic.

It is the most frequently seen in homes and offices and offers the most basic functions. Its main purpose is to keep all internal components inside the box to maximize the space provided.

As you know, when the computer is running, there are millions of calculations and processes are running in the background from which we are unfamiliar.

All these calculation causes the computer to consume energy in the shape of power which is provided through supply to enable the different components of the system in working mode. All these components cause heat dissipation.

This heat dissipation can cause damage to the internal components of the system because these are sensitive. We should need to take severe action to control this dangerous heat by using some cooling components by using cooling devices.

Case Cougar MX330 G

In this article we are presenting a review of Cougar MX330 G, you will find a review of a single tower case, which is considered best. This mid-tower case is good to be paired with different necessary components of the computer with cooling ability to ensure perfection during heavy workload. It will be the best budget mid-tower case for your pc.

Cougar MX330 Tempered Glass


Cougar-MX330-G mid tower case


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Brand Cougar
Color Black
Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Water, Air
Motherboard Compatability Mini-ITX / Micro ATX / ATX
Case Type Mid Tower
Fan Capacity Up to 5 fans can be adjusted

About This Item:

  • It features tempered glass.
  • Its transparent window allows you to see all your components in action and enjoy any lighting.
  • Have supports up to 350mm Long Graphics cards permit you to install all the power needed for 4K/60Fps games.
  • Allows the installation of up to five fans and a 240mm water cooling radiator to shield your PC from the threat of overheating.
  • Contains covers for the PSUto hide the cables.
  • It has enhanced and better internal airflow which gives a view of internal components.
  • Easily detachable dust filters help keep your computer clean and gorgeous!

This cougar mx330-g mid-tower case has amazing cooling ability, a lot of space for upgrading. It has space up to add more features by adding components, a neat and clean design, and a safety glass window to see every one of your parts in real life. In case you’re searching for this, MX330-G is the thing that you need.

To enhance the speed and visibility of the system this mid-tower has massive expandability. It has 7 PCI slots and support for 35mm long graphic cards­. To run and store all the games you want this case has a hosting capability of up to two 2.5’’ SSDs and two 3.5’’ HDDs. So do not worry about memory shortage.  

Enjoy the actions of working of the different interior components along with the colorful light because you can put some colored lights in the front of the case and they show through a nice and clean look in your build because MX330-G is a transparent glass window. The one nice thing, in this case, is an excellent fine-looking design on RGB included.

Are you afraid of the threat of overheating??? Don’t worry about this product you can install up to 5 fans and a 240mm water cooling radiator for overheating protection. This product can be easily detachable and cleanable dust filters behind the front, top, and bottom covers will further help keep your computer gorgeous and clean!

This case has a CD/DVD support, front USB and audio, has its own PSU bay, more ideal for cable management and the connectors for USB, audio, etc. were well marked and easy to install into the motherboard. , looks great and costs pretty much.

Mid Tower Cooling Case


The ATX format is the most popular among users, including demanding gamers, as it offers an excellent balance between dimensions and the ability to accommodate components.

Its larger size will also help prevent hardware overheating as it won’t turn into an oven as quickly as a Mini-ITX chassis with very powerful hardware. It is even considered to be the best price tower with massive expandability for different components.

It is stylish, with excellent cable management to hide through a tempered glass window. Its transparent window allows you to see all your components in action and enjoy any lighting. So, go ahead and get this mid-tower case for your PC right now.

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