Best RGB Case Fans

Building a gaming rig in 2021 with the best RGB case fans can be a hassle when you are bombarded with numerous options to look for. The key element to using the best RGB case fans is providing efficiency and an adequate cooling system for the animal you are setting up.

The idea of ​​installing the best RGB fans in the system popped up when the GPUs and CPUs blew up and ricocheted off the walls.

To minimize the problem, manufacturers have made such cases that can accommodate RGB fans. It’s like killing two birds with a single stone. They will have a tantalizing look at your case and the fans will reduce the rising temperatures.

The review below will help you make valid and rational decisions about your gaming rig.

Let’s move in!

Prime 10 of the Best RGB Fall Fans – Our Pick

We have reviewed the top 10 RGB Case fans. Take a deep study and find a useful product for yourself. We hope you will find this article beneficial and select one of these.

1. Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT 120mm Blades Case/Radiator Fan


Brand Thermaltake
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 25 dB
Color ‎Trio RGB
Material Rubber

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Features & Reviews

Thermaltake is a well-known company that offers first-class accessories. You can easily purchase high-quality Thermaltake cases and power supplies.

To our surprise, they also catered for RGB fans. Thermaltake Riing Trio fans are undisputed for the performance it shows. It provides your system with sufficient airflow and lowers the high temperatures.

As for the RGB pattern and system in relation to this product, it’s magical. You can control these patterns and the RGB lighting using a remote control. Surprisingly, the trio pack offers three gusts of wind that ensure freezing temperatures.

In comparison, this product also offers a 9-pin USB port, which differs from the flagship models.

This is permissible in the sense that you don’t have to mess around with the wires anymore. The 9-pin connector outperforms the 4-pin connector and gives you an easy-to-use method for setting up the fans.

Thermaltake is also known for offering unparalleled properties. One of them is the “RGB Plus Ecosystem”. In this ecosystem mode, you can synchronize all RGB fans installed in your system.

It’s impressive to know that you can also control the modes from an app on the phone. Simply call up “Hello Thermaltake” and the rest of the sample and cooling system will be eloquently done by the integrated AI software.

Not to mention, you can set up current weather scenarios on the Thermal Take Panel. When you buy this model, you can get a noise level as low as 25dBA, which is quieter and more relaxing. Believe me, these fans are worth what they cost.

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Syncs and Razer Chroma
  • Trio RGB fans
  • Can be used with Amazon Alexa
    • Expensive

2. Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm RGB LED PWM Fan


Brand Corsair
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 24.8 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Maximum Rotational Speed 1300 RPM

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Features & Reviews

Do you want to live in the future Corsair LL120 RGB fans in particular offer something similar? You can achieve cyberpunk aesthetic vibes by setting up these fans in your system.

It is worth noting that Corsair is one of the leading companies in the gaming world. There are thousands of builds you can stumble upon and buy without even thinking about it. The same goes for these beautifully crafted fans.

Corsair LL120 has a wide variety of patterns for you to enjoy. You have the authority to control the light according to your will with the help of a controller.

In practice, these fans come with an over-loop system. You get roughly two of these for different functions. One of them is suitable for RGB lighting and the other for rotation effects. As I said, corsair is something extraordinary.

You have released a unique piece of software known as “iCUE”. With this software, you can control the fans externally. Just install it over and control the airflow, modes, and patterns with just one click.

You have the option to either buy a pack of three fans of the same size or individually. You can only get Corsair LL120 fans in two sizes: 120mm and 140mm. So it is better if you check the distance in your case before going to market.

Unfortunately, the fans are a bit louder compared to other flagship models. The reason is the speed of the fan is around 1500 RPM, which makes them spin the blade faster.

In a sense, this is a good indicator of the drop in temperatures. There is one more small problem. It’s off the price tag. Corsair LL120 is brutally expensive, costing around $ 120 for the three-fan set – with a Corsair Lighting Node Pro. Truly if you are a budget player these fans are not in your league.

  • Fans of exceptional quality
  • Average noise level
  • Aesthetic design and RGB
    • Expensive

3. Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM High-Performance Cooling Fan


Brand Noctua
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 18.1 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Power Connector Type 4-Pin

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Features & Reviews

Noctua celebrates decades of accomplishment. One of her best achievements: Noctua NF-S12B Redux-1200 fan. The look of these fans will put you off because of the look of the 70s or 80s.

The fans are not aesthetically charged or attractive. This is the only disappointment with purchasing this fan, otherwise, it is top-notch in terms of performance and airflow.

It’s a DIY lover fan, which means you can edit the fans to your will. The Redux fan has a proportionally larger fan base due to the exceptionally low noise level and high fan speed. It’s phenomenal, believe me.

Compared to other Noctua models, this NF-S12B is the cheapest of them all. You can get the fans at an average buyer’s price and still get the nifty edition.

If you are an RGB maniac then these fans are not for you. The RGB functionality is missing from these fans due to the look and design of the 80s.

They are suitable for normal and mediocre cases without a glass pane. I’m honest, if you have an on-fleek case with RGB enabled then don’t go for these fans. You could pull down the alluring look of the case.

If that doesn’t bother you at all, there shouldn’t be any afterthoughts. Go buy this already. You can even save them for later use. Believe me when I saw that they are one of the best RGB case fans you can get your hands on.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good performance
    • Less powerful compared to other Noctua models

4. Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM Premium Quiet Fan


Brand Noctua
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 22.6 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Sterrox LCP

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Features & Reviews

The next place is taken by the fan of the same company: Noctua NF-A. It’s the same khaki color which makes it dull and anti-RGB. Yes, you cannot use RGB due to the design and layout.

The main purpose of the Noctua series is to provide high-end fans, not fleek products that will die sooner or later. The 120mm fan is a golden gem.

Due to its size, it blows air at high turbulent speed and gives the case a cool hue. Why? Because of all the fans, this particular model has a fan speed of 2000 RPM, which is explicitly high compared to other models in the list.

The list is maxed out at 1500 RPM, but this fanatic beast has something else planned. Speed ​​comes at a cost. No, do not worry.

The fans don’t cost you a million dollars. The only problem is the noise level. At such a high speed, fans tend to produce aggressive squeaky voices, and that’s understandable. If you have no problem with the noise level (22.6 dBA), the Noctua NF-A is for you.

Shockingly, it outperformed its competitors like Cooler Master and Corsair in terms of noise levels and speed. That is astonishing. Here is the story.

You can slow down the speed and when testing on rigs this is the same fan that can run quieter compared to other flagship models. Yes, if you plan to drop the RPM below 1000 you will get a calm and peaceful environment to relax in.

In short, the features like cruise control, Y-splitter cables, and some bundles of rubber vibration dampers live up to the legacy. If you’re the average PC gamer looking for variable fan curves, Noctua NF-A should be your bet.

  • A wealth of accessories with added value
  • The highest speed fan available
    • Unattractive colors
    • A little expensive for the price that it comes with (no LEDs)



Brand NZXT
Cooling Method Air
Noise Level 35 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Copper

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Features & Reviews

NZXT is known for making exciting products. Aer RGB 2 is one of them. The company is one of the marginalized groups that doesn’t get recognition.

Believe me when I say you climb the ladders to success. This particular model is another beast that you can get your hands on when you look forward to keeping your PC cool.

There is only one thing that could be perceived as annoying: noise level. The fan has a sleek and alluring design that allows RGB to run perfectly. The problem, however, is that the fan will run louder even at the lowest possible setting.

In contrast to the corsair LL2 series, the fans have a discrete outer loop for bright RGB. This means that the fun of RGB runs at a very attractive price.

This also causes the loop to shine the light backward and illuminate the case from 360 degrees. It also comes with a dedicated controller and hub that you can connect the RGB switches to. This is because not many motherboards come with RGB header slots.

  • Attractive
  • DIY possibility
    • Runs louder at low settings
    • Fans are expensive

6. Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan


Brand Cooler Master
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 25 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Rubber

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Features & Reviews

Don’t worry, I know the Cooler Master is expensive and that’s just because of the ultimate properties and features they sell with the product.

But here’s a surprising thing: the cooler Master MF120R A-RGB isn’t expensive at all. It’s a budget-friendly fan that can easily be built into your fans without paying a fee.

The design of the MF120R is comparatively more boring than that of the Corsair LL2 series, as the ring pattern is makeshift.

The outer loop is faded and takes up most of the light, resulting in less excretion outside the ring. However, in terms of providing airflow, this is one of the best you can get your hands on.

You can get these fans for a low price of perhaps $ 22, which varies from vendor to vendor. For that, you need to do your part of the research.

So here’s a turndown. They run louder. They have a fixed value of 31.0 dBA, which is comparatively higher than other flagship models.

If you are perfectly fine with jets running in your system then getting the fans is no problem. The speed range can go up to 2000 RPM, which is quite high for an inexpensive fan.

I would like to tell you that please do not use the fans at 2000 RPM because of the excruciatingly painful noise. You should set the speed to a maximum of 1500 RPM to protect your cute little eardrum. Nobody loves going deaf at such a young age.

  • Affordable
  • High air volume
    • Runs louder
    • Dull RGB patterns

7. Scythe Kaze Flex 120mm Quiet Case/CPU Cooler Fan


Cooling Method Air
Noise Level 24.9 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Metal

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Features & Reviews

If you’re into flashy packages and love to be extravagant to your friends, the Sense Kaze Flex might not be your shot.

These fans come in low-end packaging, which gives the impression that they are from a lower-tier company. But wait a minute. There is a saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Scythe models are many times better than the contemporary flagship models. Part of the problem is the boring and outdated design, and that shouldn’t be the problem at all. They deal with the cooling system and don’t drool over the flashy and attractive appearance.

Scythe Kaze Flex runs at an amazing 1200 RPM, the excellent static pressure and CFM make the fan run incredibly faster.

The blades of the fans are uniquely designed and offer them an advantage over the Corsair and Cooler-Master models.

The noise levels are negligible when the fan is operated with the default settings. It can easily touch 1600 RPM without causing havoc and chaos in the system.

But here is a problem. There is no RGB among the fans. There is something to consider. Otherwise, it’s a 10/10 fan.

If you’re looking forward to being a budget-friendly fan, Scythe Kaze Flex should be your first resort.

  • Durable cables
  • Inexpensive
    • Relatively loud at higher speeds

8. upHere RGB LED 120mm Fan


Brand UpHere
Cooling Method Water, Air
Noise Level 17.6 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Rubber

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Features & Reviews

Is it a new company in the market? Perhaps. However, that shouldn’t stop you from looking for a good model. You should never look for names.

There are many top-quality models out there that are still from untrustworthy companies. Up here, RGB offers a variety of functions, including controllability of fans and RGB lighting.

These 120 mm fans generate a noise level of 17.6 dBA at full speed. That’s quite a size. These fans also ensure that your system receives enough air and static pressure to extend the life of the components.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the fans through third-party software, but you still get a controller that will remotely control the patterns at your will. Fascinatingly, it’s suing a hydraulic bearing that makes the fans look attractive and alluring.

The hydraulic driven self-lubricates with excellent, friction-reducing stuff, which lowers operation noise while improving thermal efficiency. The seal cap prevents lubricant leakage and extends the life expectancy of the unit.

  • Budget friendly
  • Low noise level
  • Pack of 5 fans for such a low cost
    • Average quality fans
    • Lack of animated aura
    • Variable CFM (unknown)

9. Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT RGB Case/Radiator Fan


Brand Thermaltake
Cooling Method Air
Noise Level 29.2 dB
Motherboard Compatability Micro ATX
Case Type Full Tower

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Features & Reviews

You can discover more Thermaltake fans on the list of the best RGB case fans here. It’s not suspicious at all. Trust me, Thermaltake fans are incredible.

This is the only reason for another product to be 9th on the list. There is a slight difference when this product is compared to other models on the list. It’s huge with a size of 200mm.

Warning: “Only purchase these fans if your case supports 200mm fans inside.”

Since these fans are huge, it means one thing. A perfect airflow system. The fan blades are comparatively longer, which helps generate high-pressure air and pulls and pushes the air to give the components a windy environment.

It offers a CFM of 117, which is the highest on the above list. The only reason for 9th place is the size of the fans. Not every case can inhabit such fans.

Surprisingly, you also get a fan controller that allows you to control the RGB pattern, mode, and speed of the fans.

It also comes with a hydraulic bearing that helps reduce the friction between the blades on the fans. This in turn increases the heat dissipation efficiency of the fans.

In addition, you can install third-party software that will help you tweak the various options for the fans. Be omniscient and take over the lively fans.

Last but not least, the colorful RGB is a deal that you can only get with these fans. The lighting outperforms all competitors.

  • Quitter regardless of size
  • Can be bought with a controller
  • Spell-limiting design
  • Noticeable airflow
    • Expensive

10. Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB 120 mm Cooling Kit


Brand Cougar
Cooling Method Fan
Noise Level 16 dB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Item Weight ‎1.12 pounds

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Features & Reviews

The Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB case fan takes a new approach to display. Instead of using a built-in lighting function that tilts with fans, it was used with ring-shaped lights.

These discreet loops are outside the fan and glow individually. This might seem strange as the fans are not displaying the lights, but rather the rings outside of the fans.

With the help of remote control, you can address around 18 RGB patterns. Not to mention, you can also install software to keep the fans in sync forever.

These fans come with a package that contains approximately 3 fans. The price is quite a bit lower than the existing flagship model, making the product last on the list of the best RGB case fans.

Fans also support Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome Sync. Surprisingly, the fan only generates a 16 dBA noise level, which is exceptionally lower than other modern models. Go buy it already!

  • Quitter regardless of size
  • Regulator
  • On-Fleek Rings
  • Sync Compatibility
    • Sometimes rings can fail

Key factors in determining the appropriate RGB component

Best RGB case fan and overclocking relationship

You can also get your hands on the best PC case fans to ensure effective airflow to the system. The overclocked components tend to have a higher temperature due to the increased frequency.

More power is dissipated, which can affect the environment of the system. These RGB fans can promote adequate internal pressure and save your components.

The exhaust mode can push the warm air from the temperature into the environment.

On the other hand, these RGB case fans can also act as an inlet and give the components a cool blast of air.

Types of fans

There are two types of fans: silent and non-silent. Their functionality is poles apart. The reason for creating dual-operational fans is to appeal to a wider audience.

When the fans are quiet with low noise levels, they use a passive cooling mode which results in less reduction in ambient temperature. On the contrary, when the noise levels are unbearably high, expect an exponential drop in temperature.

Typically the noise level range is between 10 dB and 36 dB. Well, personal preferences do matter and vary from person to person. When we talk about gamers, they prefer lower noise levels.

Static pressure fans

It has been recorded that static pressure fans tend to create aggressive wind patterns. In a sense, this is beneficial as it is perfectly fine as long as the radiator and heat sinks are given enough air to stay below the threshold temperature.

Investigation of the old fans

It’s worth noting that even if you know all the information about RGB, you’ll have to replace the fans every year or so. The reason is that the dust particles build up on their own and shorten the life of the fans.

Not to mention that the static negative pressure, which reverses the static positive pressure, can do more harm than good to the components. The negative pressure creates a cavity that can suffocate the components inside the housing.

You can also fix problems with the existing fans by checking the air pressure and cooling section. Use third-party software to record temperature related to stress and idle.

In short, change your fans already!

Compatibility Requirements

The fans come with a variety of slots and connectors. Generally, you get either a 5-volt 3-pin RGB header or a 12-volt 4-pin RGB header.

The subtleties start from here. First of all, you need to make sure that you are plugging the correct header into the correct slot. Replacing pins can inherently damage the fans. Remember.

Here is a little guide to the cables that come with the RGB fans:

  1. 3-pin connectors: If your fan inherits a 3-pin connector, keep in mind that you cannot control the fans externally. You will need to adjust the BIOS (option available on some motherboards) to change the fan speed.
  2. 4-pin connectors: You have full access to control the RGB lighting, fan speed, and the mode in which they run.
  3. Molex: When connecting your fans to the Molex, keep in mind that you will not be able to access control options. The fans run at full speed as they are powered by a power supply unit.

The final advice

Your main thoughts will be to choose the cheapest of them all. But remember to only get the fans that have the compatibility to run for an extended period of time.

You don’t want your fans to die out of nowhere. Before buying the fans, you need to consider that noise levels and static pressure are the key elements to find the best RGB case fans.

With this in mind, I would like to suggest that you choose either the Thermaltake Riing Trio or the Thermaltake Riing Plus 20.

The reason you chose these two fans is none other than the outstanding performance of these exceptional budget-friendly fans. As long as your PC stays cool and works longer, buying Thermaltake fans is no problem.

Much luck!

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

1.What is RGB?

The acronym RGB stands for red, blue, green. They are the primary colors that make up other secondary colors (complementary colors). If you have RGB fans, multiple colors can shine out of the case.

2.What is ARGB?

Let’s say the letter “A” stands for asynchronous. The RGB fans are out of sync and produce dedicated and unique colors for every second.

3.What features are the main requirements for fully functional fans?

Static pressure, airflow, CFM, and noise levels should be examined before purchasing the fans. If all of the key elements mentioned are within the threshold, then you can root for these fans.

4.How do I create the rainbow effect over the ARGB fans?

ARGB fans can automatically tune in to create a rainbow effect. So you don’t have to worry.

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