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You are launched in the configuration of your own PC: for office automation and/or gaming purposes, it embeds various components which must obviously be powered. But these same components require more or less power – depending on their performance but also on the manufacturer – it is essential to choose the PC power supply adapted to its configuration.

Also, we invite you to discover our selection of different machines – in order of power – before heading to the buying guide to find out how to choose yours.

Top 9 Best PSU For Gaming

what is the best power supply for gaming? We have given pride of place to the technical characteristics, which are crucial for choosing a power supply – you can find them in the buying guide.

Although the prices remain relatively similar, we have made sure to select the products with the best value for money at this level of the range. If necessary, consumer reviews and tests complete our review.

450W to 550W PC power supplies

If 430-450W will only be used for office automation, 550W will suit a majority of PC gamer configs.

1. Corsair 450W CX Modular Power Supply

Corsair 450W CX Modular Power Supply


Brand Corsair
Output Wattage 450 Watts
Compatible Devices PC
Form Factor ATX
Item Weight 1.8 Kilograms

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

At this level of power, gaming will certainly not be accessible. But the price as much as the features will convince you without difficulty. The semi-modular design is particularly valuable and eliminates a number of unnecessary cables – perfect for cable management!

Its quality of construction is also to be valued: as indicated by users in their opinions, we recognize here the know-how of Corsair. This, especially since the equipment is guaranteed for 5 years – enough to rest easy.

The 80 Plus Bronze certification is a minimum, but it is more than enough for this power. Its solid advantages give it tremendous popularity with consumers, who value the value for money of course, but also the reliability of the machine.

2. Cooler Master MWE White 550 Power Supply

Cooler Master MWE White 550 Power Supply


Brand Cooler Master
Output Wattage 550 Watts
Fan Size 120 Millimeters
Item Weight 3.4 Pounds

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Let’s now move on to the minimum power required for gamer configs. Minima and which, at the same time, makes it possible to run entry and mid-range GPUs. With this PC power supply, you will be able to indulge in gaming with graphics cards such as the GTX 1060, the GTX 1660 / Ti, and even the RTX 2060. At this level of the range and for gaming, we also notice a pricing very competitive.

Note that you can opt for higher powers, at 650W and 750W, to run more powerful graphics cards. Consumers are thus very satisfied, mentioning, of course, the quality-price ratio, but also the easy installation, made possible thanks to the flat cables.

Admittedly, the non-modular design will be able to pain more than one, but difficult to do better at this level of range! More embarrassing, the 80 Plus certification only falls short of expectations but will be well suited to small budgets.

PC gamer power supplies 650W to 750W

Perfect for high-end and ultra-high-end GPUs, these power supplies also eliminate the difference in power consumption between NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. From 750W, the use of several graphics cards simultaneously (for example, for Ray Tracing ) becomes possible.

3. Corsair VS550 550 W Power Supply Unit

Corsair VS550 550 W Power Supply Unit


Brand Corsair
Output Wattage 550 Watts
Fan Size 120 Millimeters
Item Weight 1870 Grams

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

For an advanced gamer config, nothing like this power supply with an attractive price-quality ratio, especially for high-end gaming. Judge for yourself: on the NVIDIA side, it manages both the GTX 980 and the RTX 2070 Super while on the AMD side, it is compatible with the RX 5700 / XT and, of course, the Vega 54 and 64.

Practical when you know that at the same level of performance, AMD GPUs are more energy-intensive. Too bad, however, that for such power, the energy efficiency is only certified “80 Plus”.

We also note the lack of modularity, although consumers indicate easy installation despite the relative rigidity of the cables. Finally, let’s praise the build quality of the model – Corsair again! – which also offers an extended warranty of 3 years.

4. be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 650W Power supply

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 650W Power supply


Brand be quiet
Output Wattage 720 Watts
Form Factor Version 2.92
Item Weight 2.1 Kilograms

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Be Quiet! undoubtedly stands out as one of the most renowned manufacturers in the field, especially recognized for the manufacturing quality brought to its products. This is not lacking, because as indicated by consumers, the construction as much as the finishes are irreproachable.

Obviously, this quality is paid for, so the price seems important, but it also comes with some interesting advantages, such as the great diversity of cables or the modular design.

Above all, the 80 Plus Platinium certification ensures you great energy performance, thereby reducing your electricity consumption. Be careful, however: users recommend checking the dimensions of the machine, its rather large volume does not allow installation in small PC cases or is too compact.

5. Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 Power Supply

Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 Power Supply


Brand Seasonic
Output Wattage 750 Watts
Form Factor ATX12V
Item Weight 1.6 Kilograms

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

For more power, how about a more attractive price? This is what this model from Seasonic offers with its quality design. Sure of the high standards applied to its products, the manufacturer also offers a 10-year warranty, which is frankly reassuring.

Obviously, the impasse is made on certain appreciable characteristics, such as the completely modular construction, but this allows at the same time to preserve others. We will think in particular of the 80 Plus Gold certification, accompanied by excellent efficiency.

It is easy to understand the popularity of the model with consumers, more than 80% of whom award the maximum score. Some of them, however, indicate that they have received a power cable to Anglo-Saxon standards, forcing them to buy a cable separately.

6. Corsair TX750M 750 Watt Power Supply


Brand Corsair
Output Wattage 750 Watts
Fan Size 120 Millimeters
Item Weight 3.7 Pounds

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Let’s find Corsair – decidedly unbeatable – with a very balanced model, both in terms of features and pricing, largely suitable for demanding gamers. The balance first shines through in the semi-modular design, eliminating some unnecessary and troublesome cables in the PC case.

The 80 Plus Gold certification is also a real plus, especially at this price. Let’s talk about it, by the way, or rather let consumers talk about it themselves, more than 90% of them awarding a score of 4/5 or more, praising above all the excellent value for money.

Especially given the quality of manufacture, you will get your money’s worth, the model benefiting from an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years. At this level, if you plan to upgrade your gamer config in the future without changing your power supply, it seems worth investing in a device like this.

However, users are a little more divided when it comes to noise because if the ventilation is relatively quiet at first (although too noisy for some), it tends to be less so later on. It should be noted that consumers nevertheless remain divided on this point.

PC gamer power supplies from 800W

This level of power is only really useful if you turn to the most advanced configs, using several graphics cards like SLI and CrossFire technologies. For simple configurations (a single GPU), we, therefore, recommend that you go for the previous models.

7. ASUS ROG STRIX 850W Power Supply


Brand ASUS
Output Wattage 850 Watts
Fan Size 135 Millimeters
Item Weight 1.83 Kilograms

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Let’s find ASUS, a manufacturer to which we recognize both high-quality standards and high pricing. This last point is, however, the only criticism to address to the model – this, all the more so, as consumers recognize it as an excellent value for money, preferring to speak of an “investment” rather than an excessively expensive price.

The reason: a power supply that overflows with qualities! Its reliable and durable design, to begin with, and which comes with a straightforward 10-year guarantee. The 80Plus Platinum certification is also an asset, the machine revealing real efficiency.

Note, finally, the RGB backlighting is still a gadget but nevertheless nice. In view of these various reasons, it is easy to understand the popularity of the ASUS power supply with consumers, more than 90% of whom give the maximum score.

8. EVGA Power Pack GQ Power Supply


Brand EVGA
Output Wattage 1000 Watts
Item Weight 3.17 Kilograms

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Now let’s switch to 1000W, although EVGA also offers lower (550W-850W) and higher (1300W and 1600W) powers. In line with the Corsair TX750M, EVGA aims for balance, so a semi-modular design and 80 Plus Gold certification are there.

The result is, according to users, real ease of installation, giving the opportunity to admire the quality of manufacture and finishes (note that EVGA applies a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty).

On the positive side, let’s end with its silent ventilation, praised by many customers. They nevertheless identify some possible improvements, such as the packaging – too basic for their taste – or the length of certain cables.

9. CORSAIR AX1000 1000 Watts Power Supply


Item Weight4.57 pounds

Brand Corsair
Output Wattage 1000 Watts
Fan Size 135 millimeters
Item Weight 4.57 pounds

Price at Amazon

Features & Reviews

Let’s end this selection with a final model from Corsair – who else, frankly? – which, this time, is above all aimed at performance, even if it means necessarily practicing less attractive pricing in the process.

Note that, depending on your gamer configuration and your budget, you can modulate the power (from 760W to 1600W) and the range (AX Series and AXi Series).

With this model, it’s hard to do better: silent and efficient ventilation, frankly reassuring 80 Plus Titanium certification, and a modular design, of course.

We also emphasize the 10-year warranty, one of the most attractive in the selection compared to the price. Again, if it remains high, it is largely justified by the performance of the machine, as many consumers attest.

How To Choose Best Power Supply For Gaming

Choosing a power supply is not just a matter of personal preference: it is technical and requires you to consider a number of criteria to avoid problems. Similarly, it is best to opt for Good Power Supplies For Gaming Computers, that is to say, the most suitable for your configuration.

Indeed, where a power supply that is too powerful will prove to be expensive and – above all – useless, a power supply that is too weak can lead to voltage faults, bugs, computer reboots. Nothing very pleasant in short! Find out now which PC power supply to choose based on the criteria.

How to test your PC power supply

You press the Power button when suddenly your computer refuses to turn on. The problem can then come from the motherboard or the power supply, and it is important to carry out both tests to ensure that each component is working properly. Let’s see together some methods for testing a PC power supply.

  • The paper clip technique: certainly the best known, it consists of using the tool in question to start the computer without connecting to the motherboard. This allows the components to be isolated and the source of the problem to be pinpointed. Using a paperclip, connect pin 14 to pin 16: if you have no difficulty starting it, then it works perfectly. The problem then most certainly comes from the motherboard.
  • The software: Many software solutions are available on the Internet, making it possible in particular to check the status of components, but also to improve performance, such as OverClocking. We thus find OCCT, giving general information on the state of the power supply, as well as CPUBurnin, which makes it possible to carry out a test using the processor. Some manufacturers also provide their own solutions, like Gigabyte with P-Tuner.
  • The classic method: the current tester. Since it works with all electrical devices, there’s no reason not to use a voltmeter to check your power supply voltage. This technique allows you to test both the power supply and the motherboard.

What power is for a PC Power Supply?

The choice of power depends directly on your configuration, which itself depends on the use you want to have of it. For office automation, a basic power supply, at 430-450W, will be more than enough. On the other hand, for gaming, we will start from 550W and we will easily go up to 1000W for the most advanced gamer configs, embedding several graphics cards with overclocking.

  • For gaming, the GPU is therefore the central element to be analyzed. At the same level of range, AMD wants to consume more energy than NVIDIA, so you will need a more powerful power supply for the first. For example, while a 550W power supply is sufficient for the G-series GTX 1060 or 1660 / Ti, it will be too weak for the RX 470, 570, or even 580, which nevertheless deploy the same graphics performance.
  • In case of doubt, calculators are at your disposal and tell you directly the power required for the power supply according to your power supply. We will think for example of PSU Calculator (by bequiet!) or Power Supply Calculator (by MSI).

Also, keep in mind that components like the graphics card evolve very quickly, so it is possible that in the future, you will want to upgrade your config. Take this into consideration when making your choice, for example by opting for a power supply that is a little more powerful than necessary.

Energy efficiency and certifications

You will have noticed it on the models in the comparison: they all come with a certification (80 Plus) determining the energy performance. Quite simply, an efficient power supply will mean less consumption and therefore less outrageous electricity bills.

However, this also means a more expensive price tag – up to you if you have the right budget, but generally prefer the ’80 Plus Bronze ‘ as a minimum. This level is completed by 4 others: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Note that the latter is only available in 230V, whereas the previous ones also cover 115V.

Opt for a modular PC power supply?

Modular, Semi-modular What exactly are we talking about? It’s simple: the power supplies come with a certain number of cables, but you will not have the use of all of them. It may therefore be useful to remove cables that you are not using. We therefore find:

  • The modular: unnecessary cables can be removed.
  • The semi-modular: part of the cables can be removed.
  • Non-modular: you cannot remove any cables.

Obviously, in the idea, it is preferable to turn to a modular power supply, firstly not to annoy you with all the cables crisscrossing in the PC case, but also to facilitate ventilation.

The dimensions

It is crucial that you check this point, otherwise, your power supply will simply be incompatible. The thing is also true for connectors (see below).

  • The ATX format concerns the majority of devices.
  • The SFX format concerns mini-PCs.

These are not the only existing formats, since we also find the TFX or the Flex ATX, a variant of the main one. However, these remain rare.


We will focus here on both the motherboard and the GPU.

  • The motherboard will pass through a 24 – pin ATX connector. This one can also be declined in 20+4 pins, which makes it possible to use it on older models.
  • Regarding the GPU, the connectors will depend on the power. The 6 – pin PCI-Express will be the minimum for gaming, but 2 additional pins and an additional connector may be added. For the most advanced gamer config including several graphics cards (from 750-800W), there will be at least 4 connectors.

The Price

Obviously, the price varies depending on the competition and some manufacturers will be more attractive than others. Keep in mind, however, that price orders are simply based on the power of the power supply, since this is the very heart of the machine. Apart from the offers, the prices will therefore remain relatively similar.

The Manufacturer And The Warranty

A power supply is made to last. In other words, it is essential to choose a manufacturer recognized for its seriousness, its professionalism, and its know-how in the matter. We will think for example of Corsair, Cooler Master, be quiet! Seasonic, Aerocool, or even ASUS. A majority of them also play the confidence card, offering an extended manufacturer’s warranty, often up to 5 years.

Where To Buy a PC Power Supply?

Several options are available to you. You can first go to a specialized store where several models will be available and in which, a (normally) well-informed employee will be able to inform you about the most suitable choice according to your configuration. Note, however, that the range of possibilities remains limited since you are conditioned to a single store.

Buying online has undeniable advantages. In addition to more advantageous pricing (regular offers), shopping platforms allow you to compare both prices and available models. You also benefit from virtually unlimited information, such as tests and consumer reviews. We can therefore only warmly recommend that you buy your PC power supply online directly.

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