Best PC Case For Cable Management

Generally, after having chosen its components such as the motherboard, the graphics card, the memory, and the hard disk, it remains to examine the power supply and then the PC case.

Although, some people first choose their case for specific reasons such as for example a specific use such as HTPC or quite simply for the design. Other factors are also involved such as the size of the housing, the possible installation of a water-cooling system, and, of course, the price.

The PC case is the backbone of the computer. It contains the internal components, protects them from dust, ventilates them, hides your cables, and isolates the user from their noise. It is all the more important to choose it well as it will partly define the lifespan of some of your components, your electric bill, and will give a more or less connected look to your office depending on its design. Even we have to manage our cables so a perfect and Best PC Case For Cable Management is the necessity of the time.

The number of bays available for storage 2.5 or 3.5 inches for SSD and HDD, PCI slots, or the place of the power supply is all criteria to take into account depending on your goal.

Size of cooling and graphics card are also the two essential elements in terms of space requirement. Do not forget also that the more space there is in the case, the better the air circulation will be: take a case of the right dimensions to accommodate components that will occupy all the space. not a good calculation: take the margin, this will facilitate cooling and preserve the scalability of your case.

More About Best PC Case for Airflow and Cable Management

It is practically a standard in today’s boxes that there are spaces to run the wiring behind the motherboard panel, but not all have good space behind this panel for wiring organization. Take into account if the space available for the organization of the cables is sufficient and if there are brackets to hold the cables with the straps.

Depending on where your computer will be, how it is used, but also what you want, the PC case can take on different shapes and offer many possibilities. Our buying guide will help you choose the right one.

Top 5 Best PC Case For Cable Management

Depending on where your computer will be, how it is used, but also what you want, the PC case can take on different shapes and offer many possibilities. In our buying guide, you will find the Best PC Case For Cable Management that helps you choose the right one.

1. NZXT H510 ATX Mid-Tower Cable Management PC Case

NZXT H510 - PC Case for Cable Management


Brand NZXT
Case Type Mid Tower
Cooling Method Water, Air
Motherboard Compatability Mini ITX
Item Weight 281.59 Ounces

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About This Item:

  • Perfect for cable management with patented cable routing kit
  • Wiring is easy and intuitive with pre-installed channels and straps
  • F120mm fans enclosed for optimum internal flowing and also the front panel and PSU intakes embody removable filters, removable bracket designed for radiators up to 240mm
  • This has Motherboard support for Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX

The H510 and H510i reduced mid-tower ATX cases are both dazzling and astounding worth. Amazing when you need a little impression ATX case without forfeiting highlights.

A removable radiator mounting section, flush safety glass window, various fan channels, and front USB 3.1 Gen 2 sort C are only a portion of the conveniences.

The perfect, modern design, famous cable management, and uninterrupted tempered glass side panel exhibit your staggering build. It has a stunning cable management routing kit. It has pre-installed channels and straps for intuitive and easy wiring. Which made it easy cable management than assembly.

  • Plenty of build room
  • Best cable management
  • Low price
  • Available in different styles
    • The material for the chassis and cover is too soft

2. DarkFlash DLX22 Cable Management Computer Case

DarkFlash DLX22 Cable Management Computer Case


Brand DarkFlash
Case Type Mid Tower
Cooling Method Water
Material Tempered Glass
Motherboard Compatability Micro ATX
Item Weight 18.56 pounds

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About This Item:

  • It has Hinged Tempered Glass Side Panel that contains a handle
  • Supports multiple motherboard (E-ATX / ATX / Micro ATX / ITX )
  • Has the ability for 5 fans and a max 360mm radiator.
  • Supports a maximum of 380mm length GPU and 165mm height CPU.
  • Its multifunctional I/O panel has flexibility for various accessories with Better Cable Management System.

PC builders are always searching for a case that has maximum and excellent expandability, clean, modern look with its compact size which does not take much space, so this DarkFlash NEO PC Case is the best choice for you.

It has an upward I/O port and right-side panel opening design with 3 built-in cable clips that offer the best cable management guide, which makes it easy to clean and install for your case.

A lower independent power supply successfully diminishes the pressure on the case which enhances its stability; this can get more air through the airflow to cool the radiator and reduce noise simultaneously. That provides the best airflow and cooling for your case, bringing you the ultimate game experience.

It shows a gorgeous structure inside of your computer with the transparent tempered glass side panel. It supports up to two 3.5 inches HDD and three 2.5 inches SSD drives. All this maximize your storage space and it is the perfect workstation with compact size for content creators, music artist, freelancers, and gamers.

  • Plenty of space inside
  • Best cable management
  • Low price
  • Available in different colors
    • The side panel opens like a door

3. NZXT H700 ATX Mid-Tower Cable Management PC Case

NZXT H700 - Cable Management PC Case


Brand NZXT
Case Type Mid Tower
Cooling Method Water
Material Tempered Glass, Alloy Steel
Motherboard Compatability Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, and EATX(Up to 272mm or 10.7-inches)
Item Weight 27.05 Pounds

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About This Item:

  • All steel construction with the sleek series design made it premium quality
  • Have a proper way to manage the whole cabling network.
  • It features a dual-position cable management bar and cable routing kit located behind the motherboard tray
  • Includes two Aer F120 millimeter fans for optimal airflow

The H700 Series showcases NZXT’s vision for advanced PC building with a simplified water-cooling system, intuitive and nice cable routing features, and a quick-release side panel. The H700 includes four Aer F fans and a perfectly tempered glass panel to showcase your build.

It is available in different color combinations that meet your taste, and its elegant all-steel construction comes with all sizes in the new H-series. The tempered glass panel and signature PSU shroud showcase beautiful builds.

Cable management can often take more time than assembly. We designed a new cable routing kit with pre-introduced channels and lashes, on the rear of the motherboard tray, for intuitive and simple wiring.

We likewise upgraded our signature cable bar to be moveable and adjustable. The H700 design guarantees you’ll enjoy building your PC as much as you enjoy gaming on it.

  • Plenty of space inside for build
  • The airflow is nice
  • Available in different colors & styles
    •  Little harder to cable manage in the front of the case

4. Cooler Master Q300L Micro-ATX Cable Management PC Case

Cooler Master Q300L - PC case for cable management


Brand Cooler Master
Case Type Mini-Tower
Cooling Method Air
Motherboard Compatability ATX
Power Supply Mounting Type Bottom Mount
Item Weight 480 grams

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About This Item:

  • It has the ability for the I/O panel to be adjusted in 6 different locations
  • Support  general ATX power supply
  • Have extra space behind the motherboard tray for hidden cable management
  • The side panel is transparent that offers a full inner view.

If what you are looking for is a small and compact tower for your ITX or Micro ATX board mounting, a serious option will be this Q300L.

Although its window is in this case made of acrylic, it has a very futuristic and stylized style that will certainly decorate your desk to perfection.

In a very intelligent way, magnetic dust filters have been used to decorate the exterior faces while keeping the interior clean. Its port panel is totally modular, and we can place it on any edge of the window.

It even supports 240mm cooling systems or up to 6x 120mm fans, 360mm GPU, 157mm heatsink, and 160mm PSU.

  • Low Price
  • Plenty of space inside for build
  • The airflow is nice
  • Available in different styles
    • Plexiglass front/top cover hinders airflow

5. NZXT CA-H500B ATX Mid-Tower Cable Management PC Case

NZXT CA-H500B - PC Case for Cable Management


Brand NZXT
Case Type Mid Tower
Cooling Method Water
Motherboard Compatability ATX
Power Supply Mounting Type Bottom Mount
Item Weight 15.40 lbs

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About This Item:

  • Its steel construction with a sleek design makes it premium quality with four different color combinations.
  • It is a crisp clear full tempered glass showcase
  • It features a double bar for managing cable nicely. For this cable routing kit is located behind the motherboard tray.
  • It has a water cooling facility with 2 Aer f120 mm fans for optimal airflow

This NZXT showcases a vision for a modern PC build with simplified water-cooling installation and intuitive cable routing features with quick-release SSD trays. It comes with two Aer F fans and has a stunningly beautiful-looking tempered glass panel to showcase your build.

Available in four color different combinations to coordinate with your taste. Its steel construction is beautified by the tempered glass panel, signature PSU cover, and iconic cable bar to showcase your beautiful build with managing cables.

The cable routing system is designed with pre-installed channels and traps behind the motherboard tray for easy and intuitive and easy wiring. For an easy build process, it is an upgraded signature cable bar to be adjustable.

The layout of the case for storage optimizes airflow and enhances interior space for a clean-looking build. The two quick-release 2.5” SSD trays on the PSU shroud can also be mounted behind the motherboard tray easily.

  • Thoughtful cable management design
  • Plenty of space inside for build
  • Attractive view through glass
  • Available in different colors
    • Issue with Dust and ventilation
    • Glass is very fragile

How to choose a PC case [Buying Guide]

When building a PC, the case is usually an afterthought. People pick a CPU, a GPU, a good motherboard, a RAM, a power supply, maybe a liquid cooler, and with whatever budget is left, they pick a case. But your PC case deserves more thought than that. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Box Dimensions

This is easy and obvious, but shouldn’t be overlooked anyway. The first thing to consider is the size of your PC’s case. There are several sizes for PC cases including a full tower, half tower, and smaller boxes for mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards.

The vast majority of PC manufacturers use a mid-tower as they are not too large, widely available, and designed for standard ATX motherboards. A medium tower can fit smaller motherboards as well, but that can start to feel a bit awkward depending on the case.

Full towers are much larger and will fit on extended ATX motherboards. Hardcore hobbyists with extensive experience looking for space to fit custom parts or a ton of components often opt for these cases.

Finally, mini-ITX and Micro-ATX cases are all about small PCs that have to fit in a small space like a living room entertainment center and can be frustratingly difficult to manage if you get parts that don’t fit.

If this is your first time building a PC, choose a mid-tower, which will help you stay within your budget while offering a wide range of options.

Getting Cold

Not all PC cases are worked with a similar capacity to move air. Everything relies upon the size of the case, the number of fans, and whether there are sufficient deliberately positioned vents.

The case must have at least two fans in many cases also come with some standard fans included. One fan should be for the intake to get cooler air into the casing and another for the exhaust to get the hot stuff out.

Vents are also a consideration to passively carry more air or in a location where additional fans can be placed. Some come with filters, which is a great help to prevent your PC from getting too fuzzy for dust.

Cable Maintenance

Cables are one of the biggest problems in any PC build. They are annoying, frustrating, and look horrible if you don’t plan where you want them to run. Most cases come with some cable management features and some are better than others.

Ideally, you want features that help cables disappear easily from the front of the case, such as cutouts or eyelets, as well as some rear washers and fixings. A PSU veil is also great for keeping things cleaner, although some PC developers don’t like them

Front Panel

PC cases have many differences when it comes to the front panel. This is where you usually have a headphone jack, perhaps a microphone jack, some USB ports, and other types of connectivity. You can find cases that simply have two USB ports like the NZXT H510 or cases with a much higher number of ports.

What you want here really depends on your needs and the number of devices you plan to use that need easy access to the USB ports. As for the front panel headphone jacks, these are large rubbish, as the case makers run the patch cords the entire length of the case.
This means that they can detect all kinds of interference going through the motherboard before the sound reaches your ears. It is much better to use a headphone jack on the motherboard or a dedicated audio device, such as a sound card or external DAC.

Drive Bay

Older 3.5-inch hard drives are not the best choice for your main drive. These old hard drives are still great for data storage, and because they are so cheap, you can add a few terabytes of storage to your PC for a relatively low price.

Almost all PC cases come with drive bays to house them, but depending on how many drives you plan to put in your PC, you may need a case with additional bays. Also, don’t forget a case that features 2.5-inch SSD mounting points.

Space and Length

While PC building is primarily about universal plug-and-play compatibility, there are some situations where some components just don’t work in a specific case. This has to do with the headroom of the high-end components.

Aftermarket air CPU coolers, for example, are often huge things that may not fit in some cases. The same goes for special high-end graphics cards, which can be longer than the average graphics card and require more space. Before buying any of these, you need to make sure they fit your chosen case.

Also listed are all-in-one liquid cooling systems that are supplied ready for installation. AIOs typically just need to take up space where you can hang additional fans. If you have that kind of space, it must be configured for an AIO. However, you should verify that the size and number of fans are compatible with the case.


A computer case ought to not be your 1st thought once building a brand new computer, however, it should be quite simply an afterthought.

A poorly designed case will ruin your PC building experience, build upgrades difficult, and even cut back the general performance of your computer.

These issues are simply avoided with just a bit further attention to the above detail. In this article, you will find the Best PC Case For Cable Management. We are hopeful that you will find it suitable and informative for you.

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