Best Mousepad for Fortnite

Having the best mousepad is a crucial part of the Fortnite setup. A good quality mouse pad will improve control of mouse movements so you can aim better and take more shots.

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Consider your mouse pad an important part of your gaming setup along with the best mouse you can get your hands on.

In this post, you will find a list of the best mousepads for Fortnite right now, as well as useful information to help you find a mousepad that is perfect for you.

There are various kinds of mouse mats you can get and here is an option for every type of player and budget.

Top 12 Best Gaming Mouse Pad Fortnite

Here is the list of Gaming Mouse Pad for Fortnite you can get for Fortnite gaming today.

1. Cooler Master MP510 Medium Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand Cooler Master
Color Black
Size Medium
Material Fabric

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The Cooler Master MP510 uses a special kind of Cordura fabric. This provides responsiveness, durability, and water resistance. So you don’t have to worry about sweat or moisture adversely affecting your performance.

The MP510’s texture gives it a different feel than most cloth pads during gaming, and I’d say it feels more like a hybrid pad than anything else.

The MP510 comes in several many sizes. Small, medium, large and extra-large. But we would recommend you to get at least the large size for Fortnite.

Interestingly, Cooler Master makes the MP510’s height just 350mm, which is about 50mm shorter than the standard mousepad of this size. This is not a deal-breaker for me because we don’t support my entire forearm on the desk, but it is something to consider if you need additional vertical space.

If you are looking for an extended mat that can cover more of your desk, get the extra-large size, that enables you to roll out your mouse in a greater area.

The MP510 has an adjusted speed and control, but some tests have shown that the MP510 is more of a control panel.

Some users may find that the rough texture of the MP510 irritates their skin. This was a concern for me because I have sensitive skin, but have not had a problem with the texture.

Also, some users have reported that the MP510 has different speeds on the X and Y axes. But I don’t think this is true because when I have isolated the horizontal and vertical tracking I have not seen or felt any difference and it works superbly on both axes.

Overall, the MP510 is a high-quality mat that is durable, offers a different feel to most other mats, and you can get it for an affordable price.

2. LeadsaiL Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge


Brand LeadsaiL
Color Standard-Red
Shape Rectangular
Material Silk

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LeadsaiL Mouse pad has sensitive edges which can forestall wear. Guarantee delayed use without misshaping and degumming.

Highlights a spotless, predictable surface. This gives sensors better symbolism for making an interpretation of mouse development into cursor development, an improvement over the conflicting or messy table and work area surfaces.

The waterproof covering keeps harm from spilled drinks or different mishaps. Additionally, the material is not difficult for the tribe by whipping with a clammy fabric.

Normally prepared froth elastic enemy of slip base immovably holds the work area and keeps it from moving.

LeadsaiL Mouse pad has sensitive edges which can forestall wear. LeadsaiL Anti-Slip Mouse Pad is produced using normal elastic.

3. BenQ ZOWIE G-SR-SE Mouse Pad for e-Sports


Brand BenQ
Color Blue
Item Weight 413 Grams
Material Rubber

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The Zowie G-SR-SE is the best mouse pad you can get for Fortnite at the present time. This mat is a famous decision among the best Fortnite major parts on the planet.

The Zowie G-SR-SE is a control mouse pad with high halting force. This is critical to Fortnite in light of the fact that you need to can stop the mouse precisely where you need it to.

Some eminent Fortnite players utilizing the Zowie G-SR-SE are Bugha, Benjyfishy, ​​Zayt, Mitr0, and Bizzle, to give some examples of proficient players.

Furthermore, the Zowie G-SR-SE is the mousepad of decision for a considerable lot of the world’s best pointers. For instance, in a new Kovaak Aim Trainer FPS competition, the best 3 players were utilizing the G-SR-SE.

The Zowie G-SR-SE is a material mat with a rubber base. The novel delicate rubber base is 100% level and floats equally across the mouse pad.

So what makes the Zowie G-SR-SE an extraordinary Fortnite mouse pad?

To begin with, it is a decent size. As you probably are aware, you need a Fortnite mousepad that is huge enough so you don’t run out of space when you float your mouse over the surface.

Also, the G-SR-SE has a decent thickness, so it will be agreeable when you lay your arm on it while playing Fortnite for an extensive stretch of time.

However, the fundamental explanation the Zowie G-SR-SE is so useful for Fortnite is that it is the best control board you can get. A control board has high halting force, making it simpler to stop the mouse precisely where you need it to.

The G-SR-SE gives an unexpected float in comparison to the customary dark G-SR. There is less unique grating so it will slide better and miniature amendments with the mouse can be simpler.

You can get the G-SR-SE in a couple of various tones and plans. There are the red and blue renditions, just as the blue and pink Divina adaptations.

Shockingly, the Divine pink is the most famous decision among proficient Fortnite players. All renditions of the G-SR-SE have the very same feel and quality because of the covering and just the plan is unique.

Be that as it may, the G-SR-SE can be a troublesome mouse to drop by on the grounds that it is an uncommon mouse pad and is sought after.

4. Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand Glorious
Color Stealth
Size XXX-Large Extended
Material Rubber

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The Glorious 3XL Extended is the biggest mouse pad on the planet and is extremely famous with Fortnite players.

In case you’re searching for an extra-enormous mat that can in a real sense cover the whole surface of your work area, get the Glorious 3XL Extended.

The Glorious 3XL Extended is a texture pad with sewed edges to forestall fraying, expanding the existence of the mat.

This is another control pad with high halting force, which implies it’s simpler to stop the mouse precisely what you need.

One concern is that a mat this size will handily get soil and different things and begin to look unattractive. Try not to stress since it is machine launderable and surprisingly after many washes it will look and feel stunning.

Obviously, not every person needs a very huge mat and you might not have work area space for it. Luckily, the Glorious Stitched Fabric Mat is accessible in a few different sizes so you can track down the one that suits you best.

What’s more, if your Glorious mat has an issue, Glorious will give a substitution for nothing (as long as one year from the date of procurement).

5. Logitech G640 Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand Logitech
Color Monotone
Size Std
Material Fabric, Rubber

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The Logitech G640 is a great material pad from a standout amongst other known and most confided in brands in the gaming business, and it’s the pad of decision for a gathering of expert Fortnite gamers.

This is a medium rubbing pad, giving you a good overall arrangement between halting force and float to give you great control when you need to abruptly stop the mouse and when performing miniature revisions.

The G640 is intended for steady execution and has a smooth surface, so you shouldn’t have any issues with mouse developments.

It has a rubberized surface that helps keep the pad set up and keeps the texture from wrinkling and meddling with mouse development.

Since the G640 is made of adaptable texture, it effectively moves up for versatility and lays level for when you’re prepared to play. Furthermore, you can ensure it when you travel by utilizing strong hexagonal bundling.

The lone disadvantage to the G640 is that numerous clients find that it loses its float without any problem. However, that implies you’ll have more control as this mat wears out, which a few clients might like.

6. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand SteelSeries
Color PubG
Size Std
Material Fabric, Rubber

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The SteelSeries QcK is the top-rated mouse pad ever and more cutthroat competitions have been won utilizing it than some other mouse pad.

Assuming you take a gander at the work areas at any LAN competition, you are ensured to see some SteelSeries QcK mats.

I don’t figure you can make a post on the best mousepads for Fortnite without referencing the amazing QcK.

So the QcK isn’t just about as thick as a portion of different pads on this rundown. Yet, as I would see it, it offers sufficient solace for my arm.

Assuming you need a thicker mat, you can consider the SteelSeries QcK Heavy which is 6mm thick.

The QcK is an exceptionally “safe” mat that offers magnificent control and extraordinary halting force. It was my first mouse pad for Fortnite and it will be appropriate for by far most Fortnite players.

Furthermore, you can get it at an exceptionally alluring cost.

7. HyperX Fury S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand HyperX
Color Black
Size L
Material Cloth

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The HyperX Fury S Pro is another mainstream decision among proficient Fortnite players.

The HyperX Fury S Pro is a medium-speed pad and is accessible at a shockingly minimal expense given the quality and the brand.

So it is a standard size enormous fabric mat that is very thick.

It has consistently sewn enemy of quarrel edges and a thickly woven surface for exact following mouse developments.

The HyperX Fury S Pro has a long skim life so it will take a ton of utilization until you begin to see a distinction. What’s more, washing this mat can assist with restoring the slip you escape the case.

A benefit of the HyperX Fury S Pro is that it doesn’t gather hair and residue like numerous different mats.

8. Glorious Helios Large Ultra Thin Mouse Pad


Brand Glorious
Color Black
Size L
Material Polycarbonate

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The Glorious Helios is a hard mat and the solitary hard mat on this list.


Indeed, hard pads have less contact, so they have more slip and less halting force. All in all, they offer less control than a commonplace material pad.

Generally speaking, you need a mousepad that offers a great deal of control and halting force for when you’re playing Fortnite, so you can stop the mouse precisely where you need it.

Additionally, hard pads are by and large not accessible in a size sufficiently enormous to be fitting for most Fortnite players. However, the Glorious Helios is one of only a handful few hard pads that you can get that is adequately large to play Fortnite.

Thus, the Glorious Helios is a super slender plastic gaming mouse that in a real sense associates with your work area. Since it’s so thin, it gives you fantastic power over your following developments and miniature adjustments without feeling like a mouse pad is there.

When playing Fortnite with a hard pad, you will track down that miniature adjustments are simpler and your following objective will be smooth and liberated from any shaking that a fabric pad may cause.

The Helios is made of a hard polycarbonate surface that is impervious to water and tears. It likewise has a solid silicone glue backing, so your mouse pad will not move when you’re messing around.

Hard pads are more steady than texture pads since they will not change because of climate or mugginess, all things considered.

One thing to remember is that in light of the fact that the Glorious Helios is a hard mousepad, it can delete the mouse legs.

In case you are searching for a mat that has a totally different feel from your typical material mat, the Glorious Helios is the troublesome mat to attempt.

9. BenQ Zowie G-SR Gaming Mousepad for Esports


Brand BenQ
Color Black
Size Large
Material Rubber

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The Zowie G-SR is the slowest mouse pad on this giving list.

While the standard G-SR isn’t as famous with proficient Fortnite players as the G-SR-SE, it is as yet utilized by numerous individuals of the world’s best Fortnite players and pointers.

The G-SR doesn’t have the covering of the G-SR-SE, causing it a more norm to feel material pad. Additionally, because of the absence of covering, washing the G-SR can assist with reestablishing a portion of the coast you get when you first utilize the mouse.

As a general rule, you will need to wash the G-SR roughly like clockwork. Else, it might begin to feel excessively lethargic, and miniature remedies and following can become troublesome.

In case you are searching for a basic dark mouse pad that offers huge command over mouse developments because of high halting force, the G-SR is the most ideal decision.

10. Dechanic Mini Speed Soft Gaming Mouse Pad


Brand Dechanic
Color Black
Size Mini
Material Fabric, Rubber

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The Dechanic Control is a somewhat obscure mat, and I’m certain you haven’t known about it previously.

Yet, a few individuals from the mat local area and top pointers have picked this one out of the dull and it is acquiring a standing as probably the best mousepad you can get.

There are a couple of various choices with respect to the size of the Dechanic Control, including some lengthy pads and hefty pads that are thicker and could give more solace while resting your arm.

I suggest that you essentially get the larger than average Dechanic Control, which has the accompanying measurements:

The Dechanic Control, regardless of its name, is a beautiful quick mat. It has low powerful erosion so it will slide well. What’s more, it likewise has a decent measure of halting ability to give you the control you need to stop the mouse at the exact second.

The other mat Dechanic offers is Dechanic Speed. Strangely, Dechanic Speed ​​is very than Dechanic Control.

What’s more, the Dechanic Control is the most famous decision, offering exceptionally high halting force combined with low unique grating to make a fascinating, even pad that is accessible at an alluring cost.

11. ROCCAT Taito Mid-Size Gaming Mousepad


Color Black
Size Medium
Material Fabric, Rubber

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The Roccat Taito is a very underused mouse pad and I don’t have the foggiest idea why. It’s conceivably in light of the fact that Roccat isn’t as solid of a brand as a portion of the others on this list.

There are just a modest bunch of Fortnite aces who use Roccat Taito, remembering perhaps the best player for the world, MrSavage.

There are a couple of various sizes accessible for Taito. In any case, extra large and XXL width are the best sizes for Fortnite players.

Actually, I would have jumped at the chance to see them increment the stature in the wide XXL size since certain clients might run out of vertical development so remember that.

In any case, the Roccat Taito is an astounding control mouse pad that rivals substantially more costly pad contributions. What’s more, it is tough, so the vibe of the mat should keep going for quite a while.

12. ROCCAT Sense AIMO Ultra-Wide RGB Gaming Mousepad


Color Black
Size Large
Material Fabric, Rubber

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AIMO is an enlightenment eco-framework that responds fluidly to your use and adjusts with viable gadgets to introduce clear lighting situations. The Sense AIMO grandstands the stage in the entirety of its wonder with a brilliant RGB light aide.

The aide has included two programmable zones, making it so that shaded light can be sent in two ways – for an intensified encounter. It’s fueled by a circumspect interlaced link that can be disengaged. It additionally includes a position of safety button that permits you to go through consequences for the fly.

The adaptable, covered fabric surface is machine-sewed to give quick speed conclusive control – and oppose spills. It is expertly customized with premium materials to give you exact following a quick speed.

Centered consideration was given to the line region including the light aide. It was sewed with an extraordinarily picked example to guarantee positively no uneasiness or bothering to your wrist during use.

That implies you can partake in the top-performing surface of the Sense AIMO with no trade-off.

The rear of a mousepad is ordinarily its most ignored part – despite the fact that it’s among its generally significant. Without a strong establishment, your pad winds up slipping all-around your work area, which is the last thing you need when you’re in-game.

To forestall this issue the Sense AIMO’s support is contained an uncompromising rubberized material with extraordinary non-slip properties. It keeps the pad secured in any event, during high-speed gaming activity.

What type of gaming mouse pad for Fortnite?

You have two alternatives with regards to the sort of floor mats that are accessible to you. Hard pads and fabric pads.

  • The hard pads are low grating and high slip. Offer less control however miniature rectifications are simpler
  • The mats fabrics are high grating and have little slippage. With the goal that you have more control and it is simpler to stop the mouse where you need it

Material ear pads are for the most part thicker than hard ones and this can offer more solace while you play.

Texture pads are likewise more broadly accessible in a wide range of sizes and surfaces, so you have a more noteworthy decision. It tends to be hard to track down a mat the right size for Fortnite.

However, the surface of the texture pads implies that they are bound to be impacted by elements like mugginess and sweat. The outside of the hard pads is exceptionally predictable.

You can utilize a game’s cover when messing around to assist with keeping your fabric mat’s surface steady, paying little heed to outer conditions.

The hard pads additionally have a harsh surface that can rapidly erode the mouse legs.

So what sort of mouse pad is best for Fortnite?

As I would see it, fabric pads are superior to hard pads for Fortnite. Since Fortnite is a game that is fundamentally founded on the snap time objective and the capacity to stop the mouse precisely where you need with a high rubbing pad is more significant.

You additionally have glass mouse pads. Glass mousepads are low contact and high slip, as hard pads.

Glass mouse mats are not generally utilized at this point and a couple of choices accessible are extravagant, so I have not suggested any in this post.

How to buy Best Mouse Mat For Fortnite

Mousepads are regularly a disregarded gaming adornment, yet getting the right one is significant assuming you need to understand your maximum capacity.

It should not shock anyone that the very best Fortnite players utilize a top-level mouse pad.

There are two key elements to think about while picking a mouse pad for Fortnite:

  • Size: You want a mat that is large enough so you don’t run out of space. You make a lot of big moves when playing Fortnite on both the horizontal and vertical axis, so I recommend that you get a mat that is at least 400mm wide and 350mm high.
  • Texture: As you know, there are two main options when it comes to the texture of your hard mat and fabric. For most people, a high-stopping power control cloth pad is best for Fortnite.

When settling on your choice about buying the mousepad, you ought to consider what is acceptable with respect to the developments of your mouse.

For instance, assuming point following is acceptable, however quick development is poor, you’ll need a more slow pad to redress. Also, in case it’s the inverse, you’ll need a quicker pad.

You can rewatch your own game to perceive what you’re acceptable at and what you need to improve at.

Getting a decent mouse pad will not immediately transform you into a marksmanship monster. You actually need to set aside the effort to rehearse and work on the vibe of your mouse.

In any case, when you have the right mat, it will be a lot simpler for you to prepare and improve, and it will build your potential for extraordinary points.

What is the best mouse pad for Fortnite?

As of this moment, the Zowie G-SR-SE is the best mouse pad you can get for Fortnite on the grounds that it is the best control pad.

The Zowie G-SR is another of the most ideal alternatives for a control board. However, a few clients might discover it to be excessively sluggish, particularly as it wears out with use.

In case you are searching for something different, you have a couple of alternatives:

  • Logitech G640 and HyperX Pro Fury S are the best mat options for someone who wants less stopping power and more slip.
  • SteelSeries QcK + is a very safe option for Fortnite and a great option for someone on a budget.
    The Glorious Helios is the best hard pad you can get and offers something different than what you will get with a typical cloth pad.
  • The Dechanic Control and Cooler Master MP510 are great options for someone looking for a faster and different feel than what you would normally get with cloth pads, while still delivering good stopping power.

At last, there is a lot of good choices with regards to mousepads for Fortnite. Furthermore, assuming you need to track down your ideal mouse pad, then, at that point you should give them a shot to discover which one turns out best for you.

I trust this post has been useful to you while choosing a mouse pad. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or need a particular mat suggestion, if it’s not too much trouble, leave a remark underneath and I’ll hit you up.

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