Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners

More and more architecture students and architects leave the square, the bevel, and the damn mouse to jump into a world where speed, simplicity, and time savings are unbeatable. An architect who worked with a graphic tablet is another very high level of professionalism.

Most architects use programs like Autocad, 3DS MAX, Revit, or Lumion, which are very powerful and therefore need a good computer with good components for that to work well.

Here we are going to talk about the best graphics tablets for architects, Revit, and for Autocad. This list is a consensus made by several architect friends I have and who have helped me write the post with the highest possible value.

Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners to use with Revit & AutoCAD: The TOP5

Apart from these two recommendations for digitizing tablets for Autocad and architects in general, there are other more and less expensive alternatives that must also be taken into account, for example, the graphic tablet with integrated screen Huion Kamvas Pro 13 that saves us having than be looking at the PC screen directly.

1. HUION KAMVAS Pro 13 GT-133


Connectivity Technology 3-in-1 USB-C HDMI Signal
Item Weight 0.91 Kilograms
Operating System Chromebook, Windows 7 or later,macOS 10.12 or later

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For any design job, a graphics tablet is the best option, but the investment is higher as well. The Huion Kamvas Pro 13 ″ combines the power of a good display graphics tablet with a good price.

Working with Revit and Autocad is quite simple and our eye sees everything clearer. Besides, there is practically no need to be looking at the computer screen at all, just for certain administrative things.

It is very simple to use and it is very similar to a Wacom, yes, a Wacom is what we would all want because when it comes to configuring it and installing the drivers, it is simpler.

With this Huion, if you are not skilled with computers, the configuration can be complicated, but one of the good things about the Huion brand of graphics tablets is that the technical customer support gives very good solutions to any problem.

We assure you that that small investment of time in installing this Kamvas Pro and configuring it is very worth it.

  • Very good resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Good feel with the stiletto
  • Economical compared to other graphics tablets with a screen on the market
    • Possible setup and setup issues, but nothing tech support won’t fix

2. Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet


Brand Wacom
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Item Weight 0.55 Pounds
Operating System  MacOS, Windows PC or Chromebook, Android

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If you do not want it, you want something cheaper and that does not have a screen, then I recommend the Wacom Intuos S. With this model, possible compatibility problems with any architecture software are almost solved and maybe non-existent.

The size is perfect for the design of plans and also, with the Bluetooth option, you will remove the annoying cable that goes from the graphic tablet to the computer.

I dream one day that the cables are 100% non-existent and that I could design anywhere (I’m an illustrator) but for now we will have to wait for the technology of the tablets to be cheaper because those models are insultingly expensive.

  • Low chance of software incompatibility
  • Very good price
  • Integrated Bluetooth


3. HUION Inspiroy Q11K V2 Graphics Tablet


Connectivity Technology USB 2.4 G
Item Weight 0.88 Kilograms

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Another of the best models of graphics tablets for architects is the Inspiroy Q11K V2 , which has a larger active area for those looking for more comfort and space when drawing plans. And with this, there may be incompatibility problems?

Well, it wouldn’t have to, but it could be. As I said with the Kamvas Pro, if a technical problem arises, the Huion customer service is quiet and powerful and they usually customize the drivers and send them to you. It happened to me and they solved it pretty quickly.

And if not, you return it and invest in a Wacom and you get out of trouble. For the rest, in my opinion, it seems to be a very good graphics tablet with super powerful features, with a pencil that has no delay loss when writing or drawing and that captures even the inclination.

  • Detects pen tilt ± 60 degrees
  • High refresh rate with 266 PPS. Almost zero delay
  • 8 hotkeys
  • With battery and with bluetooth to get rid of all the cables
    • Possible incompatibility with some software (very low)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why buy a graphics tablet if you are an architect?

In the vast majority of cases, architects spend a lot of time making plans and more plans and thousands of plans and for everything to be perfect, they need everything to fit without dollars. A tablet gives that point of aim and good work that the mouse, (if you have not gotten used to it) does not get to give due to the sensitivity it has.

Also, if you suffer from wrist or forearm pain, say goodbye to it, because with a graphic tablet this issue is solved.

What is the best graphics tablet for architects?

Of all the tablets that I have put in the comparison table, I keep two. Why with two? Because I want you to be the one to choose according to the reasons that I am going to tell you.

Actually, what I would recommend the most is an iPad to use as a graphics tablet with your Apple Pencil, but even so, I recommend these two for the following reasons.

The Inspiroy Q11K V2 for being a graphics tablet with a good active area large enough to be able to project all the traces of the technical sketches without running out of space.

It also has very good specifications, such as its great sensitivity, recognition of the inclination of the stylus, resolution, and response rate of the pen. And finally, for its price.

The Wacom Intuos Pro M, on the other hand, is ideal for all those who want to play it safe and not have any problem with hardware and software incompatibility.

It is not that with the Huion Inspiroy you are going to have problems, it is that with it there is more likely that you will have to contact Huion’s technical service for help with the drivers.

The Wacom has been a benchmark for many years, has all that quite polished part. But yes, the price of this tablet is not cheap for what it offers.


And these have been my opinions and recommendations on the best graphics tablets for architects on the market. As you can see, there are many options. In the above comparison, you have been able to see all the characteristics face to face of the most prominent models.

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