Best Budget 1TB SSD

The hard drive is the keystone that keeps a computer running smoothly. The market now offers a very specific model to improve the performance of a computer: the SSD.

But, for this to be possible, it is important to choose a model that suits your needs. The trade is crowded with various and varied models, which can complicate the choice of an SSD adapted to your needs.

The SSD is a cut above its HDD predecessor. It is a piece of equipment designed to dethrone conventional hard drives.

However, due to the different models available in the market, you may have a hard time finding a model that suits your needs.

To make it easier for you, we have made a selection of the best models on the market. The 1TB SSD hard drives that you will find in our comparison benefit from positive reviews on Amazon.

After consulting our comparison, you will see a buying guide in which we give you useful and practical tips to choose the best 1TB SSD hard drive. But first, let’s start at the beginning.

Comparison of the Best Budget 1TB SSD Hard Drives

Because the market offers a panel of SSD hard drive choices, we have combed through many models of best budget 1TB SSD hard drives.

At the end of our various tests, we selected the models that benefited from the best opinions on Amazon. Here is our selection.

1. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III


Storage Capacity 1 TB
Compatible Devices Windows, Mac
Hard Disk Interface SATA 6 GB/s

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Features and Reviews

Right from the unboxing of the Samsung Evo 1TB SSD, we quickly noticed that it was built similar to older models.

All in a black metallic shell, this 1 TB Vevo SSD from Samsung has a sober design with a featherweight of 45g. It is therefore characterized by a certain lightness since the market generally offers 1TB 52g SSDs.

In the box, there is a circuit that integrates 2 memory chips, a controller, and a cache memory chip.

Samsung offers 4th generation V-Nand memory. With its 3D memory, cells are stacked together in 64 layers, not next to each other. This feature results in a 1TB SSD with high memory capacity.

The two NAND chips integrated into the hard drive each have 522 GB. For their management, Samsung has equipped its 1 TB SSD with a Samsung MJX controller.

In addition, the lifespan of its SSDs is an argument on which the brand thinks to deploy its products. This is justified by its 5-year warranty when the standard imposes a 3-year warranty on mid-range products.


Our opinion on the performance of the SSD To 860 EVO 1TB is quite positive. However, the device is not really progressing compared to the 850 Evo 1TB, since its level flirts with the limit imposed by the standard.

On the reading side, the 860 EVO SSD To hard drive is a step above the Crucial Mx500 as well as the 1 TB Sandisk Ultra 3D. Write tested, these 3 products offer similar services.

  • Read and write speed
  • Easy to install
  • Good value for money


2. Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA


Brand Crucial
Storage Capacity 1 TB
Compatible Devices Compatible with desktops and laptops that accept 2.5″ 7mm SATA drives
Hard Disk Interface SATA 6 GB/s

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Features and Reviews

With the release of its new MX500 1TB model, Crucial has positioned it in the high-end category.

This model comes in two main formats and did not disappoint us during our test. On the contrary, the MX500 1TB displayed a speed as was the case of its younger MX500 1TB.

This translates into its good billing rates. This characteristic is more noticeable when loading and using certain programs which require a lot of resources. These include HD video editing software, games, or office suites.

The importance of having an SSD drive installed in your computer is no longer to be proven. In addition to offering ultra-high speeds, it allows ample storage space to save not only your operating system but also your favorite software.

Gone are the days when the first hard drive models only offered 40 GB of storage space.

With this internal SSD, you will no longer need to carry an external hard drive everywhere you go. Its capacity is enough to do everything quickly.


By purchasing this SSD hard drive, you will be able to benefit from an ultra-fast computer. In addition to helping you transfer your files at Grand-V speed, the 1TB Crucial MX500 promises acceleration in reading and write speed. The device works with flash memory cells characterized by their velocity.

The device is designed with state-of-the-art devices, which considerably optimizes its level of efficiency. As a result, the Crucial MX500 SSD does not consume enough power and offers better value for money.

The Crucial MX500 1TB SSD hard drive will allow you to enjoy a product that is silent, fast, and consumes less power.

  • Excellent value
  • Good performance level
  • Impeccable read and write speed

3. Western Digital 1TB Blue 3D NAND SSD SATA III


Brand Western Digital
Storage Capacity 1 TB
Compatible Devices Mac, PC
Hard Disk Interface SATA 6 GB/s

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Features and Reviews

The 1 TB WD Blue Western Digital SSD recalls the technical basis of Sandisk SSDs. This product is part of the second-generation WD product line.

The device sports a 2.5 ” plastic SATA case with some metal keys for a weight of 58g. Its bi-material appearance gives it strong resistance to bad weather.

In addition, the device is equipped with a TLC memory able to store up to 3 bits of data for each memory cell compared to two 2 bits on the MLC and 1 single hard SLC bit.

Thanks to high density, manufacturing prices are considerably reduced. A Marvell 88SS1074 plated controller helps control the various memory chips available. This controller supports 4 different channels which give it some versatility.


WD Blue Western Digital 1TB SSD is a hard drive with an SLC cache system. This is also the prerogative of SSDs equipped with TLC memories.

The cache system is indeed effective in speeding up write processing. It acts as if it is with SLC memory.

Because we are witnessing the reduction in latency and the number of checks, the throughput of the hard disk increases considerably.

The cache has a capacity of 12 GB. Thus, the write jobs will be accelerated if the set of files is not above 12 GB.

  • Bitrates with the active cache
  • 400TB endurance
  • 3 year warranty



Storage Capacity 1 TB
Compatible Devices Compatible with PCs and laptops that accept 2.5″ 7mm SATA drives
Hard Disk Interface SATA 6 GB/s

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Features and Reviews

This 860 QVO 1TB SSD hard drive is a Samsung model with 2.5 ”. Entirely made in Korea, it meets the reference MZ-76Q1T0BW. Its installation is quite simple.

And to help people with no experience in this area, an installation guide will do the trick. In addition to its 2.5-inch format, the SSD hard drive has a length of 10 cm, a width of 7 cm, and a thickness of 0.7 cm.

Even if the 860 QVO 1TB hard drive is entering the entry-level, it benefits from excellent finishes.

In addition, the Samsung 860 QVO supports “Quad Level Cell” QLC NAND Flash. More clearly, this is the 1 gigabyte MLC 4 bit 3D V-NAND.

Available at a lower cost, this flash memory theoretically offers the possibility of deploying SSDs with a large capacity, must 1 TB at an affordable price.

In return for a basic performance that the TLC and MLC are available in the PRO and EVO ranges. The device has a memory controller and a SATA 6Gb / s interface with AED 256 bit encryption.


In read mode, Samsung offers this product at 550MB / s and 520MB / s in sequential write with the active cache.

However, according to user reviews, the device was reaping transfer rates of 560MB / s read and 525MB / s write on Crystal Disk Mark.

However, SSD hard drive does not offer the same performance when transferring large files as compared to Samsung 860 EVO.

In addition, the hard disk offers increased compatibility with the 28 MB Samsung Magician software. It will also be compatible with the 37 MB Samsung Data Migration Software. You can download this different software from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Acceptable read/write performance
  • Good storage capacity
  • Perfect impact resistance
  • Sober and successful finishes
  • 256-bit AED encryption
  • Just 3 years warranty
  • Perfectible transfer time
  • High price for a QLC NAND Flash

5. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD


Brand SanDisk
Storage Capacity 1 TB
Compatible Devices Desktop
Hardware Interface USB 3.1 Type C

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Features and Reviews

To store your data or secure the most important documents from your computer to another medium, support will be your best ally.

The brand offers its Extreme S To SSD drive for professional photographers and anyone wishing to improve the performance of their computer.

Known for its reliability, this SSD hard drive will come in handy if you need to work on professional tasks.

By taking advantage of a write and read speed of up to 550MB / s, you will be able to save a lot of time during data transfer.

Design side, this SSD is displayed with an aluminum case perfect to withstand bad weather. However, it is completely waterproof and does not allow water and dust to pass through.

Complying with the IP55 standard, this device will remain safe from any danger, even in the event of a fall from a height of 2 meters.

Besides, this Sandisk Extreme 1TB SSD hard drive will give you a completely secure experience. It has 256-bit AES encryption and is very robust.

In addition, the 1TB SSD has a useful carabiner for securing the device to a variety of media: backpack or belt. This feature makes it a practical product that you can take with you wherever you go.


The Sandisk Extreme external SSD has a USB 3.1 port. This port is most suitable when used with a supplied Type-C to Type C cable, which will allow it to achieve performance up to 550MB / s.

The hard drive includes a copy of the Secure Access 3.02 software from Sandisk allowing you to create a password-protected folder or a private space, where only you will have access by entering a password. The system offers a 128-bit AES encryption mode.

The brand says it uses the BiCS Flash developed by Western Digital (WD) and Toshiba, probably the 64-layer version, and not the 96-layer version released in 96 layers.

With the three-dimensional character of BiCS Flash, the Sandisk Extreme SSD 1TB hard drive will thus offer the possibility of boosting the performance of the computer.

  • High quality design
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent performance
  • Protection class IP55
  • RAS

Buying Guide: How to choose a Best Budget 1TB SSD hard drive?

SSDs are fast and efficient, but that doesn’t mean you should choose just any model. What you need to know is that manufacturers use several technologies to design high-end models or not.

There are a few things that you need to consider when choosing an SSD hard drive is essential. Among the criteria to consider, there are the format and type of SSD, the storage capacity, and the speeds offered in reading and writing.

SSD hard drive types and formats

Like HDD hard drives, SSD hard drives come in two main variations. These are the external SSD hard drive and internal SSD hard drive. By opting for an external hard drive, you can benefit from a USB 3.0 port, which ensures file transfers up to 10 times faster than if you favor the 2.0 models.

The advantage of an external solid-state drive is that it can help you store data on multiple media. In addition, there is the external hard drive, which can be connected in two ways: PCI if you have a tower-type desktop computer or SATA for laptops.


As we said above, the choice of an SSD hard drive is not random. If you want to choose an external or internal hard drive, make sure it is compatible with your computer’s operating system first.

It is always important to check the main specifications of your computer in order to know what connections are available as well as the main locations. If your computer has an M.2 interface, it is better to look at the SSD interface whether it is SATA or NVMe. If you have a laptop with a 2.5 ” drive, a 2.5 ” SATA SSD hard drive will be ideal.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is also an aspect that one looks at when choosing an SSD hard drive. Like conventional hard drives, SSDs also benefit from a storage space of a certain capacity.

From now on, there are models on the market that can go up to 4 TB, that is to say, 4000 GB. In our comparison, we have made a selection of the best 1 TB SSD.

If you are looking for the best models in this category, you have come to the right place. Our selection will certainly allow you not to waste time in choosing a suitable model.

However, it is important to specify that the choice of your storage capacity depends mainly on the use you want to make of it.

If you want to choose a hard drive for movie storage, it is better to go for a storage capacity of 2TB. However, 250GB will be more than enough for basic use.

The possible Read / Write speeds

In SSD hard drive, throughput represents the speed of transferring data. By the way, manufacturers indicate two kinds of speed: reading speed and writing speed.

The velocity depends on certain parameters such as the type of hard disk connection. This can be the PCI connection or the SATA connection.

SATA III internal drives offer speeds of 450-600 MB / s for reading or writing. On the other hand, the internal SSD hard drives in PCI offer a speed oscillating between 600 and 1700 MB / s in writing and 1400 to 2500 MB / s.

The performance between SATA and PCI can be 4 times higher if you have a computer Office.

The market is also home to several other technologies namely IOPS which is the number of input-output per second. This measures how many things the SSD is able to do simultaneously.

While MLC flash memory is highly recommended, it is also important to know that there is SLC NAND and TLC NAND flash memory.

Some solid-state drives are also equipped with SMART and TRIM drive technology. The first allows you to anticipate possible errors and repairs potential failures at the disk level.

The second technology offers SSDs indications of unused data spaces, which improves the space while ensuring a certain speed in terms of data access.

Which brand to choose?

In the SSD market, there are some reputable brands and some that are not. Among the most famous brands are Sandisk and Samsung.

These brands are known for the performance and reliability of their device. Each year, they never stop designing new models to satisfy their most demanding customers.

However, you should know that just because a brand is less well-known doesn’t mean its products are of lower quality.

Considering the criteria stated below when choosing your SSD is an important thing to do. Like this, you will be able to benefit from an SSD hard drive perfectly suited to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an SSD hard drive?

If you are looking to know what an SSD hard drive really is, it will be easier to choose better equipment to optimize your computer’s performance. An SSD hard drive, “SSD” stands for Solid-State Drive ”.

SSD is different from conventional hard drives. However, from its appearance, it could be likened to a conventional hard drive, apart from the fact that it is thinner. Like conventional hard drives, SSDs have mounting screws at the ends.

What makes the difference between an SSD hard drive and a conventional hard drive lies in the technology involved.

In fact, the classic hard drive has a certain number of disks. On the disks, there is a read and write head that takes care of reading and writing data from the disk, while traversing it at the speed of light.

On the other hand, SSDs do not have actual disks; but rather a flash memory that is also used in the design of SD cards.

In real-time and in one section, a flash memory reads and writes the data present in a hard drive SSD. This characteristic makes the SSD drive much faster than the conventional hard drive.

How does an SSD hard drive work?

Typically, the SSD hard drive uses the controller as well as memory cells for data storage. The device responsible for the intermediary between the SSD and the host computer is the controller.

It is thanks to the latter that the reading and writing of requests coming from the host computer will be possible.

Thanks to the disk controller, the information that is saved on the hard disk will be saved. The latter also performs many tasks such as error control and management, the implementation of Wear leveling which will make it possible to extend the life of the memory cells.

Also, note that there are two types of SSD hard drives on the market: the external SSD hard drive and the internal SSD drive.

What does 1 TB mean?

Already, you should know that the byte is the unit of measurement of the capacity of a computer. The term “To” is used to denote the terabyte.

1 TB is indeed the equivalent of 1000 GB (Gigabyte). More clearly, 1 TB is equal to 8 smartphones with a capacity of 128 GB, or 4 computers with a memory of 256 GB.

Although the terabyte is the most widely used unit of measurement for computer capacity, megabytes and gigabytes have long ruled the market. What can you really store with 1TB?

Indeed, having an idea of ​​the number of documents, photos and 4K video that can be stored in a terabyte is not easy. But after our multiple tests, we realized that it was possible to store more than 250,000 photos captured with a 12 MP camera.

Such memory capacity will also allow you to save up to 500 hours of HD video or 250 movies. Regarding documents, the number may be limited to 6.5 million whether in office or PDF format. This number represents 1300 cabinets in hard paper archiving.


Choosing an SSD is not done lightly. In addition to taking into account the main technologies requested by the manufacturer, it is important to consider the storage space.

In this article, we looked at SSD hard drives with 1TB or 1000GB storage space. The market is crowded with models, but we have made a selection of the best products for you.

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